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  • Sat at 5:25 PM
    Posted by Jennifer Gerhart
    Just another day at work. Check it out at brokenbarn. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Fri at 8:10 AM
    Posted by Jennifer Gerhart
    I don't get out much, so I like to find the beauty in the places I am, big or small. This was an adventure I took the other day. I do love a waterfall! You can visit my blog anytime at brokenbarnfarm. 
  • Nobody wants to be a survivor because that means by definition that you survived something tough.  Something horrible.  Something that nobody would ever think could be possible for themselves, nor would they wish upon another.  Barbara Mazurek is a survivor.   Raised in a Texa...
  • September 16
    Posted by Teri Myers
    I was speaking with another farmher the other day and we were comparing notes about life. We shared similiar challenges.  I wonder if you might identify with some of these? We both said we changed clothes no less than 4 times a day...and each "outfit" (if shorts and a t-shirt can even be cal...