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  • Women in agriculture are one of a kind.  They love the land and the animals, they love their families and give to their communities and they are changing the world.  On my trip to North Carolina, I had the pleasure of meeting April Shaeffer, a woman in agriculture who is doing all of tho...
  • November 22
    Posted by Jennifer Gerhart
    Each and everyday my youngest niece gets to hang out with her Dad and I instead of go to daycare. I love spending this time with her before she heads off to school next year. You can see more at Being a Farmgirl. Have a great day!
  • When you think of a FarmHer you probably don't think of makeup, right?  Well, let me introduce you to Crystal.  She loves lipstick and tries out new shades all of the time for her unassuming and non-judgemental audience - her cattle.   Let's step back a bit.  Raised in a cat...
  • Agriculture has changed since the days my grandparents farmed.  According to the American Farmland Trust we lose 40 acres of farmland every hour.  EVERY HOUR.  Once that land is gone it never comes back to agriculture.  It is paved, built on, changed forever.  Also, Rural ...