Founder of Her Brands

Marji Guyler-Alaniz, Founder of Her Brands


"If you believe change is necessary for women around the world, join in the Her Brands movement.  Spread the word, tell your friends and family and most importantly come back and visit often."


-Marji Guyler-Alaniz

Founder and President,

Her Brands

Shining A Light On Her

What started with a simple thought that we can change perceptions through imagery was the starting point for FarmHer which quickly grew into a movement and spurred the idea for Her Brands.  If we can update the image of agriculture through photographs, inspire the next generation of women in ag, motivate today’s generation and create a community of women, why can’t we do that for women in other areas?  So, Her Brands was born. At Her Brands we are women standing for women.  We are women shining a light on Her. We are Her.


Each Her Brand focuses on increasing positive and realistic images of women, connecting and uniting women through online community and providing comfortable, quality merchandise that shows the world how proud you are to be Her.  


We shine that light through FarmHer, where we document women in agriculture through photography in a movement that is updating the image of farming.  


We shine that light through RanchHer, focusing on the women raising livestock and stewarding the land.  


We shine that light through GardenHer, with all things gardening and women.  


We shine that light through SmartHer where we focus on smart women, young and old.  


We shine that light through PowHer where we focus on the power of a woman in any walk of life.