"We must teach young women that farming and ranching is an honorable and amazing career choice instead of one that is left for those who can't do anything else.

Through FarmHer, we can do that."

-Mary Walker-Chyle  |  Hilltop Place Ranch



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A Connection Point That Works For Women In Ag

There are many social media platforms to turn to as a woman in ag, so why choose the FarmHer Community?  FarmHer has created a private, member-based social network built exclusively to fit the needs of women in ag.  All of our members are approved based on their interest or involvement in agriculture.  The FarmHer network will always be a safe, secure and productive place to share.  With powerful tools to share, sort and join in discussions, our network makes collaboration and connectivity simple.

What Does It Mean To Be A FarmHer Community Member?

FarmHer is a community built specifically for women involved in all types of agriculture.  From the farm field to the board room and everywhere in between, this is your community!  Membership is not restricted to women, but the community is built to accommodate women in agriculture, the unique way they communicate and to address the issues they face. 



  • Members get access to a private community that includes a desktop and mobile version. 


  • Through the community, FarmHer brings quality content directly to you. 


  • We share educational opportunities and events in your areas and help connect you to others when you are unable to attend events. 


  • Looking for a mentor in your area of ag?  Connect with one here. 


  • Our individual and corporate members, agribusinesses, and  trade associations / non profits are spotlighted to bring to light the important roles you play. 

How Is The FarmHer Community Different Than Other Online Social Networks?

The FarmHer Community is a global community providing access to quality content and people for women in agriculture to learn, connect and grow like never before.  The FarmHer Community the only niche social media platform exclusively designed to close the gender gap, advance women, and be an advocacy arm for women in ag.


We’re not full of unwanted spam and internet trolling attacks. The FarmHer Community connects you to who and what you need and gives you targeted communities to share your expertise.


We aren’t a place to argue, fight or tear each other down which can unfortunately be a staple in other online social networks.  We are a place to hold each other up, connect over our similarities, share and learn.  In agriculture there is a thin, sometimes nonexistent line between work and life.  We believe work and life are about connection, conversation, insights, learning, and real relationships, all of which you will find with the FarmHer Community.


In the FarmHer Community you will find fresh conversations and varying perspectives.


The FarmHer Community does not exclude men.  Though built for women, we believe both genders play a role in helping women succeed and also know that nobody succeeds in agriculture alone.  Including the farmers in the conversation will help even the playing field.


We represent the full agriculture value chain.  We welcome all areas of the sector to participate: farming, ranching, corporate agribusinesses, small-scale and large, local to global, organic to conventional and everything in between.  In our membership you’ll find everyone from recent ag graduates, government workers, ag educators, farmers and ranchers, professionals in agribusiness, and more.  


Though we think globally we value locally.  The FarmHer Community is built to connect you to resources at home and away.  The Community is available in mobile format to make collaboration with other women in ag simple.


Individuals who wish to join must apply and agree to our Terms of Service.  


Individual Membership

To assure we have a quality community, membership to the FarmHer community is reviewed on an individual basis. We are an ad, spam, solicitation-free social channel.   Our community is about developing, elevating, and growing our members, companies, and organizations. Anyone who violates the member agreement is subject to a loss of privileges including termination of membership.


Our membership categories include a free option for access to the basic community up through a feature rich paid option.  Paid options for a more feature-rich experience and options for corporations or partners will be available soon.  



Corporate, Trade Association, Non Profit and Media Participation

The FarmHer Community also offers memberships and partnerships with corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, and media globally to participate and create valuable communities inside the Community.  These relationships are also individually and carefully reviewed for fit.  Tap a powerful network of progressive, multi-generational women in ag.  For more information on memberships available to businesses and organizations please email us at: support@farmher.freshdesk.com.


Contact Us

For any service, questions or support please contact us at support@farmher.freshdesk.com.

Thank you for allowing us to serve the FarmHer community.