• FarmHer the TV Show Is Baaaaack! Well, Almost!

February 15, 2017 1 Comment

I never set out to be a TV Host.  I still don’t introduce myself that way when people ask what I do, and probably never will.  I am a photographer, business owner, wife, mom and woman that is desperately trying to keep all of those balls in the air.  On top of that, I just happen to have a TV show, that is an extension of the work I have been doing for nearly four years now, shining a light on the women of agriculture.  

The FarmHer TV show is produced by an absolutely awesome team at RFD-TV, and it airs weekly on the network.  We started filming for the first season about a year ago and spent the spring, summer and fall months visiting farms and ranches all over this beautiful country.  From the larger commercial operations to the smaller, local-food focused farms, we have met some amazing women and I am proud to get to share their stories with over 50 million households each week.  The show kicked off with it’s first season in September of 2016, with new episodes airing for 13 straight weeks.  Those 13 original episodes are re-airing right now and the next 13 new episodes will begin airing on March 10.  Those episodes starts off with a visit to the GREAT Iowa State Fair and FarmHer Lexi Marek.  If you follow FarmHer, you are already somewhat familiar with Lexi as the first FarmHer intern, turned Grow (event) Coordinator and soon-to-be full-time Communications Master for FarmHer.  We caught up with Lexi as she was showing her pig Phillip in the final show of her 16 year showing career.  Without giving too much away, I’ll just tell you that it ends in a pretty BIG pig way!

Following that we’ll take you to North Carolina with a visit to FarmHer and Photographer Meredith Bernard where we got caught in a downpour while out checking cattle...never a dull moment!  Then it’s back to the midwest at FarmHer Beth Rylander’s grain elevator and quilting shop.  We’ll make our way back to my home state of Iowa to catch up with Jennie Smith, FarmHer at Butcher Crick Farms where she raises beautiful and delicious heritage variety tomatoes on top of balancing a career as a professional FarmHer at Kemin Industries.  

We’ll go from mustangs and cheese-making in Colorado to pigs and pecans in Texas. From scientists in Florida, soybeans in Illinois, sheep and horses in Iowa to a family dairy in Minnesota.  We will find out about hugalculture in North Carolina, follow a professional FarmHer with cattle in Iowa and see some baby pigs and a group of blogging friends in Indiana.  Be sure to join us in the FarmHer journey, with new episodes starting March 10.  New episodes will air every Friday night at 8:30 CST/9:30 EST, with encore showings Sundays at 8:30 CST/9:30 EST only on RFD-TV.  Be sure to share your pictures and join in our journey using the #FarmHer hashtag.  If you want to REALLY join in our journey and have us make a visit to your farm or ranch for season two (starting September 2017) and be sure to Suggest a FarmHer on our website.

Stay warm and hope to see you along the journey!

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Marty Madrid
Marty Madrid

August 17, 2017

Good morning…
My husband enjoys watching the show FarmHer. We were wanting to recommend a friend of ours. She has goats that she milks, makes cheese, soap and lotion. She also has her chickens and some ducks.
She is a hard working person, she also runs a food truck, and works at the school. She is a one on one aid for special needs kids. She has been our daughters aid for 5 yrs now. She goes above and beyond in everything she does. While being busy with all of this she finds time to support her daughter at her High School games, and support all of the other kids buy selling t-shirts for fund raisers along with other things. She would be great for your show.
Please consider using our friend for your show.
Thank you,
Marty Madrid

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