• A Growing Event

January 17, 2017

The lobby of a hotel we weren’t even staying at. That is where Grow by FarmHer was born. Don’t the best developments have the craziest stories?

It has been almost two years since Marji and I first talked about the original plan of hosting an event for young women in agriculture. How did it start? Well it was my first week as the first employee for FarmHer and I was working as the communication intern. But real start to Grow began just a few weeks before I started as a summer intern.

As a broke college student, scholarships have been a very important of my education. I had applied for an Iowa 4-H scholarship, which required a written plan of action that would reflect leadership or service. I had submitted a great plan with a slight flaw, the plan was already completed and the requirement asked for a future plan. I quickly was allowed to resubmit a new plan, so I brainstormed with my mom and came up with an idea to inspire women in agriculture. Little did I know that I would be granted the scholarship and my plan of bringing together around 30 students and professionals in agriculture for lunch would grow (no pun intended) into a nationwide event.

So there I was, telling my new boss that I won a scholarship and had committed to create an event for young women in agriculture. I knew I had chosen the best internship when Marji didn’t even flinch at the idea, in fact she has the same goal of offering content to young women.

We had the first event planned within six months and had 250 people in attendance, which was a little larger than the original 30 people I had in mind. Those numbers and the quick turn around proved that there is a want for an event like Grow by FarmHer. Grow by FarmHer could not be possible without the committees, sponsors, speakers, mentors, and attendees who have attended the event.

The team is starting 2017 with a Grow by FarmHer event in Oklahoma and will finish the school year in Pennsylvania. An announcement about the growing event (again no pun attended) will soon be made about next year’s events but until then, FarmHer is proud to offer these events to young women across the country and we hope to see you along the way!

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