• Amber Greiman | Episode 22 | Paving the Way for Young FarmHers

May 01, 2017

I love the Iowa State Fair.  It’s an event I have attended every year of my life that I can remember.  Though I wasn’t raised on a farm and never showed any animals other than my cat in 4-H (yes, I said my CAT), I have always loved annual trips through the livestock barns at the fair.  A walk through the barns isn’t just a look at the cute lambs in their little covers, or watching the cattle rest in the wood shavings, but if you look a little deeper, it is a little peek into the life of the people who bring the animals to show.  


Many of the animals at the fair are FFA or 4-H projects.  Projects that start with drive and determination, and are the result of a lot of work on the part of the kid and their families, but also, behind the scenes, a little due to the dedication and care of the ag teachers that sit behind the scenes.  Amber Greiman is one of those teachers and a pretty amazing one at that.  Amber grew up in agriculture and has carried that love through not only on the family farm she operates with her husband and kids in rural Iowa but also through her role as an FFA advisor and ag teacher at Grundy Center High School.  

Following a stint as state leadership in FFA, Amber went on to study agriculture in college and from there became an ag teacher.  Early in her career she began working not only with the students but became an integral part of the FFA Breeding Sheep Show at the Iowa State Fair.  She learned the ropes and quickly became a superintendent of the show.  Now her yearly duties not only include spending her summers helping her students learn the ropes of raising and showing livestock, but also preparing for and running the show that is the culmination of their hard work.  


As I talked to Amber about her students and her role in connecting them to agriculture it was clear that they mean the world to her.  She loves what she does, and her desire to spread that to the next generation is clear.  It’s not only clear but from my standpoint, extremely important.  She is a strong FarmHer, spreading her love of agriculture to the next generation of FarmHers, and I can’t think of much more important than that.

Watch Amber's video clip from the fair here

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