• Andrea Merritt | Season 2 | Episode 8 | A New Kind of Farm and FarmHer

November 06, 2017

Andrea Merritt didn’t grow up in the Texas, or as a FarmHer, but here she is growing food on a new kind of Texas farm, Millican Reserve.  Millican Reserve is a mixed-use development that is made up thousands of acres of recreational trails, traditional housing, a farm and ag-focused neighborhoods.  Andrea is the farm manager.  She had spent about 15 years growing food at small farms before arriving in Texas and finding her way to Millican Reserve.  

The farm she has started there and operates sits inside of an old riding arena, the perfect spot, with a fence high enough to keep out the deer and to have irrigation.  The is just phase one as the plans are to expand the food production to 15-20 acres in other areas throughout the Reserve.  She, along with help from her daughters, grows a variety of produce which is sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that she operates as well as a monthly farmers market held on the property.  

In addition to the farm that Andrea manages, the Reserve also boasts an ag-focused neighborhood.  The home that I visited sat on 15 acres and the owners raise pigs, chickens, and a few happy little girls.  They are thrilled about the possibility to move to a small piece of land, the ability to live in a neighborhood, while still having the freedom to function as a small homestead-type of farm.  

Another unique part of the Reserve is a horse boarding and training facility.  It is there to serve the people who want to use the miles of trails that run through the beautifully preserved land to ride their horses.  

An ag-focused reserve, focused around a small and growing farm is a unique find in the Texas land of dust and cattle.  Andrea Merritt, a non-traditional FarmHer with a unique approach to farming feels like the perfect FarmHer to bring the farm to life with her love of the land and for growing good food for her family and community.

Thank you, Andrea, for allowing FarmHer to visit. This episode of FarmHer will air Friday and Sunday at 8:30 pm CT/9:30 pm ET on RFD-TV. 

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