• Annette and Nicole | Season 2 | Episode 13

March 19, 2018

Throwback Brewery has to be the most unique brewery experience I’ve ever had and behind the barn doors are two FarmHers with a vision.  Just off of a busy road in North Hampton, New Hampshire you will find the old farmstead, updated with a new twist.  Annette and Nicole had no background in brewing, other than enjoying a cold one with friends.  They also had a love of all things local and clearly, good food fits within that. That mix led them to start Throwback Brewery, brewing beer our of a small industrial warehouse just a few years ago.  The business was a hit from the start and as time went on, they knew they needed more space for their dream.

Then one day, a local 12 acre farm called the Hobbs Farm, complete with a house, barn and pasture ground inside the city limits, came up for sale.  Nicole had the vision for what it could be and the women went to bat for it at auction, bidding against commercial developers. Then, like a sweet story, they got the farm.  They set to work remodeling the barn to house not only a brewery that could handle all of their dreams, but a tap house restaurant too that was supposed to just serve small plates.  The other part of the property was to start creating a small farm that would grow produce and raise livestock used at the tap house.

Today the Throwback Brewery is functioning just as the women dreamed.  The have hired a farm manager and another FarmHer, Carrie and Katie.  Together these women have started a small dairy goat herd, are working on restoring the soil, raising heritage breed pigs and growing plenty of farm fresh produce.  They work with Carrie, the chef to plan out plantings and livestock over a year in advance, so Carrie can have the products she needs to craft her masterpieces in the kitchen.  

On my visit to throwback we started out at the farm, the beginning of everything that happens there.  I watched through my camera lens as the women fed the goats, moved the pig pasture and shelter, fed the pigs and harvested the produce needed in the kitchen that day.  They also showed me the recently harvested hops field. The hops are new to the farm and just taking root, but will be an important part of their local flavor going forward.  

From there we went inside to get a tour of the brewery and a peek behind the kitchen door.  They showed me the sparkling stainless machinery that brews up their fun concoctions such as beet beer, which I got to try.  The day ended with a sampler of the tasty beers brewed on site and a delicious lunch on their sunny patio.

As Annette and Nicole showed me around it was clear that they have a love and adoration for this small, local-focused and woman powered farm.  They love serving their community and being a part of their community. That love extends to the land that they now care for and into the food that is prepared for their friends and neighbors.  Annette and Nicole are FarmHers through and through - loving the land and caring for their community.

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