• Ashley Bandoni | Episode 21 | She Says Almond, He Says Aaamond

April 24, 2017

Meet Ashley Bandoni, a California FarmHer. By day Ashley works in the ag industry as a salesperson for Syngenta.  In her role at the organization, she has a territory of customers in and around her home in Atwater, California that she serves.  She is the go between the retail seed dealers and crop advisors and the company, working to figure out the pest problems that growers in her area might have.  Ashley also farms with her husband Mario on his family’s fourth generation almond farm.  

See a video of Ashley from FarmHer on RFD-TV.

Upon visiting Ashley, I quickly learned that this young, ambitious FarmHer hardly sits still for a minute.  In her spare time, she has a number of hobbies ranging from woodworking to riding horses.  She grew up in a farming family, with a grandfather that grew fresh market tomatoes.  On the other side was a ranching family.  Her love of horses started at a young age and carries through today.  She even won a rodeo queen contest at her local fair a few years back.  

Ashley is a builder too.  From an outdoor couch to kitchen tables, as we walked around her farm, it became clear that she is a woman that can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to.

Involvement in agriculture isn’t new to Ashley, from participation in FFA as a high schooler, through her college years being involved in a young farmers and ranchers group.  Today she is involved in various organizations that support the industry from Farm Bureau to the California Agri-Women, giving her time to foster the industry that she cares so deeply for.  

As I wrapped up my visit to the Bandoni farm, I thought about how amazing women in agriculture are, and Ashley is no exception.  From public speaking and proudly serving the industry that she cares so much about to the care and attention she gives the animals in her care and then to her full-time role as a professional, Ashley Bandoni is the embodiment of a true FarmHer.

See more of Ashley from FarmHer on RFD-TV.

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