• Beth Tucker | Episode 24 | A FarmHer With A Legacy

May 15, 2017 1 Comment

I've always loved the movie Steel Magnolias.  I love the women in it and their camaraderie.  Well, tucked away in Kernersville, NC I found a cowgirl FarmHer version of the iconic movie.  There just outside her beauty shop, located on the farm, I met FarmHer Beth Tucker.  From the minute she met me at the front steps we were off!  This spunky lifelong FarmHer started out the morning with a quick stop in her tidy barn where she gave a quick scoop of feed to her goats and horses.  From there she walked her miniature pony out to the pasture where she keeps the cows.  She did a count of the herd, making sure everyone was accounted for including the very overdue mama cow waiting patiently out away from the fence.  As we rode and checked the fence around the property, a must due to the proximity to a very busy highway, Beth told me about her history as a FarmHer.

When the cattle were checked we hopped in her truck for a drive around the growing town so Beth could give me a visual history of her life as.  A FarmHer.  She grew up in a farming family, helping her dad after school and that love has carried on.  Beth has had cattle her entire life.  Her kids, though grown and moved out with families of their own, both carry on that love too.  

As we drove around the community and Beth pointed out all of the farms that used to be and how her own land has changed, it was clear she has a connection to this land.  So much so that she is heading up a voluntary ag district organization in the area.  This is a program that helps people who are moving out to the country, maybe for the first time, understand that they are moving to an area where there is production age activity.  The goal is to help ease tensions that can arise when tractors are slowing down traffic or the smell of manure spread on a field is wafting through the neighborhood.  It's a great effort and one she is proud of to help her neighbors who are farmers and the newer neighbors all connect.

We headed back to her farm just in time for her morning appointment to arrive.  See, Beth isn't just a FarmHer, as most aren't.  She is also a full-time hairdresser, doing hair nod spreading cheer through the beauty shop right there on her farm.  That day she was fixing up Beth Charles, making sure her hair was set just right for the upcoming weekend.  


As the ladies talked and laughed about this and that, Beth told me that Beth (the Beth getting her hair done) was the real FarmHer in the room.  She then told me all about growing up on a farm and operating a farm with her husband for many years.  Times may have changed, but one thing hasn't the smile of joy on a FarmHers face when she tells me about her love for agriculture.  

Beth Tucker is not just a cowgirl, not just a hairdresser, and not just a FarmHer. she is an advocate for agriculture.  A woman who cares for her neighbors and for the legacy she leaves on the land and with her kids.  She is a friend to the women in her community that rely on her for her knowledge of farming and look to her to for a bit of beauty now and then.  

Watch Beth's video clip here

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May 15, 2017

Love the Beth and Beth duo!

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