• Callie Akins | Season 2 | Episode 14

March 26, 2018

The Next Generation | hosted by Lexi Marek

Callie Akins grew up working alongside her dad and brother on their cotton and cattle farm in Southwest Georgia. Like most kids who grow up on a farm, she was active in 4-H and FFA. These organizations allowed her to compete in various competitions and travel the country. When it came to going to college, Callie followed her passion for livestock and went to Butler County Community College in Kansas to be a part of the livestock judging team.

She eventually made her way to Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma State University before returning to Georgia. Callie returned to her family’s farm and started working full time at a local bank.

This is when Callie realized that she wasn’t doing what she loved. Sometimes, you have to try something new to realize what you really want to be doing.

The day that the FarmHer crew visited Callie was the first day she was a full-time FarmHer. Although it may have her been first day on the job, she sure wasn’t new at what the job consisted of.

From feeding cattle to fixing fence, Callie and her brother, Chandler, worked together until the cattle chores were complete. The two are passionate about raising high-quality purebred cattle to help farmers around the country improve their herd. Callie explained that they had been organizing a bull sale each winter over the past five years and it allowed the Akin’s to sell their bulls but also gave other farmers the opportunity to consign their best genetics. Now that the two were home working together full time, their sale would expand.

Akins Cattle Enterprises is owned and operated by Callie and Chandler, but it’s still a family effort when it comes to farming their Georgia land. Callie explained how their cotton crop is grown and harvested and it wouldn’t have been a trip to Georgia without picking a piece of cotton for myself! I had never seen cotton grown in a field before and I was shocked that it was just like a cotton ball you’d buy at a store.  

As we drove away, I had a smile on my face as I was thinking how great it was for Callie to be living her dream. She traveled and lived all over the country, she had different job experiences, and now she was working with her family on her farm. This FarmHer has a bright future and I’m excited to watch her continue to flourish.

Thank you to the Akins family for allowing FarmHer to visit the farm. FarmHer will air on RFD-TV this Friday at 9:30 pm ET/8:30 pm CT with a encore on Sunday.

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