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September 16, 2015

Packing yesterday was easy - I just swapped out the dirty clothes from the last trip, just 3 days ago.  I arrived at the airport in plenty of time...a full 9 minutes before my flight boarded.  Climbed on the plane all ready to work during what I thought would be my most productive working part of the day - you know, that part when I'm on a plane and can't connect or be mom.  I texted my husband and mom that I love them.  I turned my phone to airplane mode and pulled out my iPad to find it had 1% battery life.  Story of my day.  Let me rewind....



I woke up about 6am worrying about everything I needed to do.  I had a sick little girl at home and needed to get her to the doctor as she's been fighting a fever for a few days.  I had a little boy that wouldn't stop asking who's picking him up at school that day because every day is a little different than the one before.  I had a sock-stealing puppy trying to get my attention.  I was out of coffee and milk. I had a conference call at 9 and about a gazillion emails piled up, not to mention the ever-growing to-do list.  We ran to the walk-in clinic.  We barely made it to get my little boy at school, then stopped at the store for coffee and milk. Then I dropped them both at grandma's for the rest of the day because I was headed to the airport to get on a plane to Michigan. 

As I sat and felt overwhelmed I was reminded of my blessings and decide to turn my thoughts around...

 I HAVE RESOURCES to take my little girl to the doctor and get her the medicine she needs. 

I HAVE ACCESS to a great school for my little boy.  

I HAVE JOY with a puppy that makes us all smile a little more. 

I HAVE FOOD to eat for breakfast.  

I HAVE TECHNOLOGY in my phone and computer.

I HAVE TRANSPORTATION to get me where I need to go.  

I GET TO TRAVEL around the country making new friends and having new adventures.  

I OWN a small business. 



Yesterday, on what was a very important day, International Women's Day 2016, I chose to remember how blessed I am and also stopped to consider the millions of women around the world who aren't as lucky.  I thought about the women that don't have access to enough food to feed their families.  I thought about the women who don't have a safe shelter, clean drinking water or access to necessary medications for their children.  I thought about the FarmHers and RanchHers I have met here in the U.S. who work tirelessly to grow food or raise livestock.  I thought about these women I have endless respect for.  Women who choose agriculture as a way of life because it feeds their family or feeds the world.  I thought about ways that I could focus less on my personal chaos in the coming months and more about how I can help other women because after all we will all rise by lifting up others!


Here's to having choices and holding up those who don’t in hopes that someday, they will!

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