• Crystal Blin | Episode 12 | Changing the Face of a FarmHer

November 21, 2016

When you think of a FarmHer you probably don't think of makeup, right?  Well, let me introduce you to Crystal.  She loves lipstick and tries out new shades all of the time for her unassuming and non-judgemental audience - her cattle.  

Let's step back a bit.  Raised in a cattle-raising family from Canada, Crystal loves cattle.  She found her way to Kansas State, where she fell in love with cattle even more and traveled the country on a livestock judging team.  Following college she stayed in the U.S. working in the cattle industry.  She met and fell in love with Jon, moved to Iowa and together they not only started their family but combined their love of cattle by forming JJB Cattle Co.  Through the business the couple raises purebred Hereford cattle, marketing it mostly to those looking to get into the show industry including kids in 4-H and FFA.  

Upon pulling into their pristine farm lined with glistening white fence and pastures dotted with cows, Crystal, Jon and their dog met me in the drive.  The young couple jumped right into chores, taking out their mini truck to drop off some supplements for the mama cows and then checking to make sure all was good out in the pasture.  From there they retrieved one of Jon's prize cows, Baby Fantasy to give her a bath in preparation for pictures to market her.  As a side note, Crystal and Jon go back and forth about their cattle names, always keeping it unique.  Jon loves Kanye West so his names usually come from rap songs….and Crystal loves lipstick, so her names usually stem from her favorite shades.   As they worked together, it was clear that Jon and Crystal love what they do, and love each other and have found a partnership that really works.  

Last but certainly not least, I followed Crystal into the house where she showed me some of her favorite beauty products, noting that her love of lipstick and makeup has helped her find a way to express herself.  She has spread that love to other women in agriculture through a beauty swap that she launched a few years back on her blog, CrystalCattle.com.  It's a way not only for her to spread that love to others, but for others to get to experience new products while also making a connection to another FarmHer over something as unassuming as makeup.  

My visit to Independence, the most patriotic small town in Iowa I am sure, was perfect.  From the sprawling pastures and well cared for cattle, to Crystal and Jon’s love of the cattle and for each other, to the ability to connect over something as light-hearted but important to a FarmHer’s image as lipstick, JJB Cattle Co. was a memory to cherish.

Watch Crystal's video clips here

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