• Elin Parker | Episode 9 | A Visit to Music Meadows

November 04, 2016

I truly believe everything happens for a reason, though the path there may not always be smooth.  On the day I was supposed to visit Music Meadows Ranch our communication had gotten off and I showed up at Elin Parker Ganschow’s Music Meadows Ranch that houses her Sangres Best grass fed beef operation about five hours earlier than expected.  While some may not have rolled with it, Elin and her ranch manager, Rhoda, let it roll right on by them.


It was destiny for me to visit this beautiful ranch tucked away at the base of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  Elin, a lifelong RanchHer, runs the guest ranch and grass fed beef operation with the help of Rhoda, the Ranch Manager. The ranch that Elin operates her business on just happens to be the same ranch that she spent her summers at as a child.  She leases the land from her sibling and runs a guest ranch - a cute little house full of character and charm - along with the cattle operation, Sangres Best.  


As Elin and Rhoda got started on their day I watched with my camera as Elin prepped the flatbed by removing the side rails so Rhoda could use the tractor to carefully place the bales of hay onto the truck.  We then drove up to the pasture where the yearling cattle were waiting cautiously, but intently, for their food.  They trailed the truck as Elin drove and Rhoda spread the hay out on the ground, with Rhoda’s trusty dog Lefty watching over every move.  


From there we went back down to the main ranch and the women split up.  Elin worked with one of the horses on fundamental training, getting them to a new level of reliability for their guests.  Rhoda took the 4-wheeler (and Lefty of course) to a different part of the ranch to work on the irrigation.  Water is a very important part of the ranch and they work to keep the irrigation ditches flowing by digging out the sand that fills in and blocks the flow of water.  

After that, it was back up to the guest ranch for a lunch fit for a RanchHer.  A hamburger and some beans, topped off with strong, hot coffee was the perfect end to my visit to Music Meadows.  This ranch was unique - not only a woman owner but also a woman managing the ranch.  These women work hard and love the life they both have in agriculture - a love that showed clearly in the treatment of the livestock and in the delicious final product.   

 See Elin's video clips here

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