• FarmHer Summer Bucket List

June 12, 2018

Summer is underway and will fly by before we know it! Make sure you don’t miss anything this summer and use the FarmHer summer bucket list to cross off all of your favorite activities.
1. Explore a local ‘famous’ site
We all have them close by, but never actually get there! Whether it be a famous bridge or the biggest piece of cheese on the earth, take the time to actually go see that crazy attraction.
2. Support your local farmer
Maybe it’s the new restaurant or the weekly farmer’s market, we get to support our farmers by eating the food they produce every day, might as well get some delicious food while visit your local growers!
3. Volunteer for the local youth
As agriculturalists, the 4-H and FFA programs have a great hand in shaping the future of our industry. Have a few hours? Call up the local program and see how you can help! You’ll not only work with excited young people but make a difference in your community as well.
4. Go for a swim
Pond, lake, river, you name it and rural America has it. Cool off this summer and enjoy the closest body of water you can find.
5. Step back and smile
Being involved in agriculture is something that is tiring yet amazing. Be sure to appreciate the lifestyle you live and be proud of the fact you are working towards feeding the world. You are part of the 1% of America that is involved in agriculture and remember to keep smiling.

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