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February 12, 2018 1 Comment

Written by Carly Cummings, FarmHer's Events + Merchandise Manager


It’s important for all of us FarmHers to feel confident in our own skin, but having a wardrobe that represents our passion? Now that’s amazing! Here are some of my favorite ways to style a few FarmHer pieces, each of which you can purchase at FarmHer.com.


The Groundwork

For me, the most important part of styling an outfit is to make sure I feel confident in any occasion. My FarmHer apparel certainly helps me feel that way, but so do my heels! I love to enhance any of our T-shirts ($25 each) with a pair of fun booties during the fall or black pumps for business meetings.



Mix and Match

Add a pop of color to your FarmHer wardrobe. Make the perfect match (or mismatch!) with a colorful cardigan or statement necklace. I never thought I would wear this crazy cardigan a friend talked me into buying on a girl’s trip, but it just happens to match perfectly with our Body by Beef Tank ($25)!



A Transitional Tank

Do you have a favorite FarmHer shirt that makes you feel confident and proud? I do! This RanchHer Skull Tank ($25) is edgy and distinctive, and it’s the first one I helped develop as part of the FarmHer team. It easily transitions from season to season and occasion to occasion. Wear it with shorts for summer, add a cardigan on those cool nights, or finish it off with jeans and your favorite cowgirl boots for winter!



Shop these styles and more in the FarmHer Market



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March 03, 2018

Are the clothes made in the USA?

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