• Getting Social - The Why and How with Jodi Oleen

March 10, 2020

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No matter if you are a small business, a big business…whatever you are, you have a brand around you. The why and how of putting yourself out there matters for all of us! Jodi Oleen says it best, “where you live socially is all about your end goal. “  Dig into the WHY and the HOW with the FarmHer team!  See more about Jodi on her website!


Our top tips in this episode of Shining Bright with a focus on Everybody Eats are:  
  1. Have a goal for social that aligns with your business goal.
  2. Who are you trying to talk to and why?
  3. Just pick one and love it and do that well.
  4. Be where your clients are and where your customers live. You don’t have to participate everywhere on social, but go where your people are.
  5. It takes time, so put the time in. 
    Why do we need to share our stories? 

    Social is a space where you can build a community that supports you, inspires you, shows you the next step for your business or personal brand. Get feedback, make connections and be propelled to your next step!

    We have more in common with others than we realize and sitting down over the social media table can help us see that!


    Digging into the platforms…

    Facebook is really the best place to connect with friends and family but it can align with your specific business goals. Businesses can make a direct connection to their product on Facebook. They can raise awareness about a product or service by sharing news or creating stories around that. Consumers count on Facebook to find their news. Also, Events are a great way for businesses to connect to their community on Facebook!



    Instagram is a place for things that inspire and move us. It is images or videos that tell the stories. You can do that through the Instagram feed or via stories. The feed is for the polished and planned but the stories are a way to share the day-to-day. If you have a phone, you have the ability to take pictures and create content. Businesses can use to engage and raise awareness of their brand. You can ask questions of your audience in a story, which is a great way to get feedback and converse!



    Twitter is a more real-time platform. To participate you need to pay attention and it relies on quick, fast, back and forth discussion.   As a business it could also be a resource to keep an eye on what is going on in your community.


    Linked In 

    Linked In is a professional networking site. It’ a great place to professionally connect and create networks. This might be a good place for a business to connect with other businesses. It can also be good for hiring talent. It is a great place to post informational articles that your professional network can learn from. Articles and blog posts do well here.



    This is a video platform that is actually a Google product. Whether you have videos that you create on your own, or you have commercials or other video content produced for you, this is a great place to post them. Businesses can also run advertisements on YouTube.



    USE hashtags! Do a little research to see what hashtags people follow and start using those. Hashtags are the way that people search for content on many social platforms so including them in your post can help you show up as part of the discussion!


    Suggested easy and free photo editors for your phone (hello, you can create content too!)



    Adobe Spark and Spark Video 

    CutStory -  great for cutting pictures or videos to Instagram story size!


    everybody eats farmher nationwide

    We all eat, and that is why farming will always matter.  Everybody Eats is where the stories of food and farming intersect.  These stories told through my FarmHer lens connect us to our food and more importantly, the people behind it.  Everybody Eats is a collection of stories of those who protect our rural communities, who grow our food with extraordinary care, and who provide support, education, and assistance to make sure Everybody Eats. 

    Experience the other stories of Everybody Eats!


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