• Grow by FarmHer | Interview with Carrie Mess

October 24, 2017

Grow by FarmHer is a series of events that will inspire, educate and empower young women in agriculture, ages 16-22, to take an active role in leading the industry. The day-long event consists of interaction with great mentors, connections to peers, and the opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers. Carrie Mess will be a speaker at the events taking place in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Follow Carrie on her blog, Dairy Carrie, and join her and the FarmHer team on this years Grow by FarmHer tour!









FarmHer: Where did your passion for agriculture start? 

Carrie: My passion for Ag started with horses and FFA in H.S. I had no previous ag experience or knowledge but being a horse chick and getting involved with FFA is why I am where I am today. 

FarmHer: Why do you share your agriculture story?

Carrie: I share because I totally understand feeling confused, disconnected and generally unaware of what happens on a farm because I was that person not too long ago. I want people to have a place to go to ask questions and get answers, without being judged. 

FarmHer: What will you be talking about at the Grow by FarmHer event?

Carrie: Each one of us has a unique perspective and story. Each one of us has the ability to make a positive impact on agriculture. By being ourselves and sharing freely, we can help bridge the gap between farm and table.  

FarmHer: What does FarmHer mean to you?

Carrie: I have loved FarmHer since the very beginning. It's a project that has grown and blossomed while staying true to its roots of sharing the lives of the amazing, strong and diverse women that make up the fabric of agriculture in this country. 

FarmHer: Are you excited to come on the tour and why?

Carrie: YES! I love connecting with other women in our industry and helping them to realize their own potential and the impact they can have by sharing their story. 


Tickets are limited, join the tour by purchasing your ticket here

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