• Grow by FarmHer | Interview with Cristen Clark

October 02, 2017

Grow by FarmHer is a series of events that will inspire, educate and empower young women in agriculture, ages 16-22, to take an active role in leading the industry. The day-long event consists of interaction with great mentors, connections to peers, and the opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers. Cristen Clark will be a speaker at the events taking place in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Follow Cristen on her blog, www.FoodandSwine.com and join her and the FarmHer team on this years Grow by FarmHer tour! 


FarmHer: Where did your passion for agriculture start? 

Cristen: I have always loved being involved in some capacity on the farm. I'm a family loving gal and the best and sometimes only way to spend time with family is working on the farm. If you don't know already, the people in agriculture are some of the finest you'll meet. In high school and college, I spent time in the 'big towns' nearby where the population of farm kids in my classes mirrored the population of farmers in the world (a tiny fraction of the whole). I learned a lot then, from kids that just flat out didn't know what it was like to grow up on a farm or with any interest in it. Inviting them to the house and witnessing their hands-on experiences and inspiring reactions fueled my passion to share more about the industry I love.

FarmHer: Why do you share your agriculture story? 

Cristen: Why not? As I mentioned above, there aren't many people out there growing and raising food, and a large sum of the best ones still have flip phones and no desire to embark on any sort of social media learning opportunity. With food movements growing and more people craving information about how their food is produced, I love to be a resource in case they have questions. It is so fun to interact with people, learn more about them and their desires for the food they feed their family and potentially have the opportunity to answer a question they may have, or connect them with a farmer who can answer the question.

FarmHer: What will you be talking about at the Grow by FarmHer event? 

Cristen: I'm a tad older than the Grow participants and I feel that we can all learn from our own mistakes, but why not share some of my own so these girls can laugh at my foolishness and possibly learn from it. I plan to share about "things I wish I would have known when I was your age", gathering my own thoughts and asking other FarmHers (featured on the various RFD-TV FarmHer episodes) their thoughts as well. I want to encourage young ladies to own whatever it is about their life they love and use it to help them grow in life and in their passion for ag. I love to bring laughter and spice into any conversation I'm having, so be prepared to have F.U.N.!

FarmHer: What does FarmHer mean to you?

Cristen: FarmHer is an opportunity to put the spotlight on individuals and ideas that normally reside in the shadows. FarmHer is not only an idea, but a community of passionate, engaging women who all hold each other accountable to not only be better FarmHers, but better mothers, friends, and mentors of the group of beautiful young ladies embarking on FarmHer journeys of their own.
FarmHer: Are you excited to come on the tour and why?

Cristen: Are you kidding me? An adult vacation where we get to interact with the crème-de-la-crème of young women in agriculture? Sign me up! It is incredibly energizing to meet with the younger generation because as much wisdom they feel like they will gain at the conference from various speakers, I always feel I will gain from them, tenfold. We have so many talented, kind, genuine ladies joining the ranks of "FarmHer" and I can't wait to shake their hands and learn more about them. I'm so grateful to the staff at FarmHer for the opportunity, and I know it will be so much fun!


Tickets are limited, join the tour by purchasing your ticket here

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