• Heather Dineen | Season 2 | Episode 3 | A First Generation Farming Family

September 18, 2017

John Paul and Heather Dineen are Texas farmers making their mark on agriculture.  John Paul knew he wanted to get into farming and Heather, who was his girlfriend at the time, studied up, learning about what their future life would hold.  She and John Paul were married and started their family in a farming community on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas.  They built their farm slowly and surely and soon, it became their world. They baled hay, John Paul started a custom farming operation and started a family.  About 10 years ago, tragedy struck on the farm when their youngest son at the time, John Paul IV, died from an accident while baling hay with his father.  Their faith in God and the love for each other and their family pulled them through, they picked up the pieces and continued on.  

John Paul is the first to say that his wife has been the backbone of their first-generation farm from the start.  She has supported him in all that he does and she has found unique and innovative ways to continue to bring in revenue for their farm business as the years have come and gone.  

In addition to custom farming, today, Heather heads up a “brand” for their farm and all that it entails, “The Yellow Farmhouse.”  She and her children work together to mill the crops that the family raises, such as wheat and milo.  She sells the flour and also has formulated a number of absolutely delicious baking mixes and prepares and sells those from a commercial kitchen right there on the farm.  Heather has also used her creative talents to start a clothing business, where she creates and sells Yellow Farmhouse branded merchandise, also made right there on the farm.  

One of the family’s newest ventures is raising pigs and cattle which they sell directly to consumers as well through a variety of retail outlets and at the farmers market in their community of Waxahachie.  

The Dineen’s work to promote agriculture in their state in everything they do, whether it is wearing the Yellow Farmhouse shirts with pride, selling their meat to neighbors and friends or donating their time and efforts to build a chicken coop at the local elementary.  At the heart of the family is Heather, a strong woman, and an inspiring FarmHer.  Whether she is supporting her husband’s role on the farm, volunteering her talents to spread her love of agriculture or cooking up new creations in the kitchen with their homegrown flour, Heather is amazing.  In the face of adversity and tragedy, she has persevered to raise a strong family and operate a successful farm.  

Thank you to the Dineen family for opening up their home and sharing their story with FarmHer. This episode will air on RFD-TV at 8:30 pm CT/9:30 pm ET on Friday, September 22. Watch video clips from the episode here

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