• Kate Dallam | Season 3 | Episode 3 | Meet Brooms Bloom Dairy

September 18, 2018

Kate Dallam has spent much of her life as a FarmHer, though she could have never guessed where it would land her today.  Growing up on a farm in Maryland she grew a love for agriculture. She met her husband, a farmer when he worked for her father in high school and it seems like the couples fate was sealed.  Once they started a family Kate decided it was time to return to her roots and the couple started milking some cows. Over the years the operation has grown and changed but has stayed rooted in family.



On my trip to the dairy, right off the main highway just outside of Baltimore, I was met first by Ford the farm dog, then by some strong, young FarmHers.  Kate’s daughters and niece met me just inside the forestall dairy barn. They walked me through the barn, explaining the operation. We made our way through the barn and into the next structure where the calves are kept.  From there we moved on through to the Heifer barn to get a good overview of all of the things they do at the dairy. Then it was back into the main barn in time for the mid-day milking, the second of three milking each day.  The girls set to work, each with their own job and eager to get it done. Spreading feed, calling the girls and getting the equipment set up seemed like second nature to these young women.


The milk leaves the dairy each day going to a processing plant and coming back to the Brooms Bloom Dairy store in various forms from cheese to ice cream.  Kate’s sister-in-law takes care of stocking the refrigerators with pork and beef, also raised on the farm, and cheese which is made by an Amish community in Pennsylvania.  Kate starts out each morning making a variety of tasty soups. We finished up our visit to the dairy with a stop in the store.  I tried the chocolate ice cream before lunch and I was in love. For dessert, I had a bowl of Maryland Crab soup, spiced just right with the states own Old Bay Seasoning.



My stop at this thriving dairy filled with women was a treat in more ways than one.  From seeing the young women who are the next generation, running the barn, caring for the cows and churning out fresh milk.  Then to the care that Kate puts into the store, the food she serves her customers and the absolutely amazing ice cream for a sweet treat on the farm.

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