• Kimberley Lambert | Season 2 | Episode 9 | A Farm-Fresh Paradise

November 13, 2017

Tucked back on a back road in the aptly named Paradise Texas, I found FarmHer Kim Lambert at her farm, K-Bar Dairy.  Kim wasn’t raised in agriculture, she was, in fact, a city girl.  Her need for a job as a 19-year-old young woman led her to work at the dairy she now owns.  This version of the dairy was started in 2013 and Kim operates it as a fresh milk dairy where she milks about 30 Jersey cattle each day and sells the milk directly from the on-farm store.   She operates the dairy with her husband and has the help of a few employees, one of which is her younger brother.  

I arrived at the dairy early in the morning, before the sun was up.  Kim’s younger brother, Aaron was already doing the milking and Kim came out to meet me.  After a quick trip down the gravel road with her to make sure her young nieces got on the school bus on time, we went back to the farm and into milk.  She worked with speed, efficiency and skilled hands next to Aaron as they worked through the Jersey herd.  The fresh milk poured into the tank just outside of the milking parlor and when they were done milking, Kim showed me how they bottle milk at the dairy.  That was a #FarmHerFirst, bottling milk!  

From there we went out to the pasture to check on the various cows in Kim’s herd.  She showed me some newly weaned calves and did a little work on her tractor before we headed up to the farm store to finish out the morning.

Kim keeps the store stocked with plenty of goodies and produce from other local farms and of course, plenty of farm-fresh milk.  

Loving and living what they do is the mark of a FarmHer, and Kim Lambert is no different.  She has a love and respect for the Jersey cattle in her care and in turn, creates a wonderfully fresh, nutritious and delicious product that she provides with love to her customers, neighbors, friends, and family.  

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