• Living to Serve

February 27, 2017

If you have ever found yourself willingly wearing a blue corduroy jacket, you probably have shared the same life changing experiences that I have (and are extremely proud of it!). These experiences defined my career path, my sense of responsibility, and my dedication to serving others. The FFA organization, no longer known as only Future Farmers of America, continues to shape our leaders of tomorrow. City dwellers, country folk, and all students in between are finding their place in an organization willing to teach skills pertinent to life, not just to life on the farm.

I am forever grateful for the experiences FFA provided me as a young individual, but I am even more thankful for those it continues to give me. As a lifetime member of the National FFA Alumni, volunteer opportunities allow me to give to an organization that gave so much to me.

In celebration of National FFA Week, I had the opportunity to represent FarmHer and the Pleasantville FFA Alumni on Monday as a guest judge for the Sub-District CDE competition in Pella, IA. As a past conduct of meetings, parliamentary procedure, and public speaking competitor, I knew where my expertise lie, however, I received an opportunity to learn something new...radio broadcasting. Talk about cool!


Competitors in the radio broadcasting CDE are challenged to come up with a 5 minute broadcast including current events, weather, markets, and a commercial. The catch? They only receive 30 minutes to prepare their broadcasts from information they have never seen. Pressure.

All I could think before walking into that judging room was the lack of experience I had to judge this competition. But, in reality, it was those students who I should have had confidence in to teach me everything I needed to know. Impressive.

From being able to easily bring us up-to-date on recent events to reading the markets like they had been doing their whole life, they made our jobs as judges very difficult. We were only allowed to send 3 of the 10 competitors on to Districts. These students made our job difficult, but more importantly, made us extremely excited for the future of our industry.

As a FarmHer team member, I have the opportunity to provide women with a platform for telling their stories and bringing light to their importance in our industry. As an FFA Alumni volunteer, I have the privilege of giving back to an organization dedicated to strengthening the future of our youth. Together, I have the neatest experiences anyone in the agriculture industry could ask for. I am #LivingtoServe.

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