• Meredith Bernard | Episode 15 | From Cattle to the Kitchen

March 15, 2017 1 Comment

Throughout my travels, one thing is always certain, that I will meet some amazing women.  Meredith Bernard is no different.  Meredith didn't grow up on a farm but found her way into agriculture in a different way.  In college she worked closely with livestock and then went on to a career in feed sales, crisscrossing the state of North Carolina.  After a nasty spill off her horse, she found her way to her husband, Lawrence, who she heard was a miracle worker with problem horses.  He helped her realize it wasn't the horse, but her fear.  That was just the beginning. As she tells it, after the first time working cattle together he said he just had to marry her.  So that is what they did.  Over a decade later, now with two little kids, I found Meredith on their traditional family farm set right on the border between Virginia and North Carolina.  

Meredith's role on the farm has changed over the years and she is working to get more involved so that she can do her part to make sure the operation stays in the family for generations to come.  She is also a professional photographer, capturing beautiful moments in the lives of others and of her own family.  

The first thing we did when I arrived was load up into the Gator to head out to check the cattle.  A very important and regular job as they were in the thick of calving season.  Here's a #FarmHerFirst...we got aways out in the pasture and the skies opened up and started pouring.  Her daughter was the lucky one, having brought a little pink umbrella along - we convinced her to let us share it to try to keep a little bit dry.  It didn't work.  We headed back to the house, a quaint cabin built from trees right there on the farm and all done by her husband, for a warm cup of coffee on the sprawling front porch before heading out to the barn so she and the kids could give a bottle to a calf they were keeping.  I felt right at home as the kids argued over who was going to feed the cute little calf....they both won, taking turns.  


We went back up to the house to finish up the night with a beautiful home cooked meal featuring quite possibly the best steaks I have ever tasted.  The beef was good, but pan frying them in a cast iron skillet was the kicker.  It's a method that was passed to Meredith and one I won't soon forget.  As I sat and watched her cook in her cozy kitchen, surrounded by beautiful photographs Meredith has taken of her family, I felt right at home tucked away in the beautiful hills of North Carolina.  


Meredith Bernard is a FarmHer, a mother, photographer and overall one of the sweetest women I have met in my travels.  She loves to cook.  Is married to the love of her life, who she says is her real-life John Wayne.  She has a huge love for her family and has great value in the tradition that the farm brings.  

Watch videos of Meredith and her family here

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March 20, 2017

So enjoyed hearing about her story! Her love for her family and life is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

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