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February 09, 2017

Recently, Jessica Romano, a FarmHer on social media, wrote “First, I wanted to say I’ve watched many episodes of FarmHer and love the show.  I have a small garden I tend to and get right in with the dirt.  I love Marjorie’s specific clothing style and its perfect for outdoor work.  I was wondering if she could tell me where she gets her clothing from and if she could post a few fashion photos…”

So, here goes my first #FarmHerFashion post!

Overall every piece of clothing you see on the show I wear because it fits well, wears well and I feel good in.  I wear the same clothing on the FarmHer show that I wear in my everyday life so I am all about fit, function, cost, durability and washability.  By washability I mean I can wash it with anything and dry it with anything and 100 washes later it might look a little worn but still holds up!


I have two pairs of American Eagle Denim X jeans that I wear over and over and over again.  They are a few different fits, the first is a jegging.  The name jegging almost makes me not like them, the fit makes me love them. These jeans have just the right amount of stretch to move around in.  I can climb up on a tractor with a FarmHer or get down in the dirt and they stay put.  One of my favorite parts about these jeans is that they keep their shape!  Nothing drives me more crazy than jeans that stretch out too much within an hour of putting them on and they feel like you are wearing a sack hanging off you, or worse yet, they won’t stay up.  These American Eagle jeans keep their SHAPE for not just hours, but for days.  

The second pair is a straight fit jean.  They don’t have as much stretch, but also have a great fit.  This pair does stretch out a bit quicker but is generally comfortable in the waist, length and overall fit. 


First off, the base layer you will always see me wearing on the show is a FarmHer shirt.  This is more than just shameless self-promotion.  Every single style of FarmHer shirt that we offer we hand pick based on the quality, fit and style.  It has to be soft.  It has to be well made.  It has to be flattering to women…and last but not least it has to be something my team and I want to wear!  I have a long torso so it is also important to me that a shirt has a good amount of length and doesn’t shrink up. 

I almost always wear a tank top as the base layer - as you have probably noticed, this racerback style is my favorite.  It fits comfortably with a slight A-line fit so I don’t have to worry about it fitting too tightly at my waist because let’s be real, I have had two kids.  The fabric breaths and perfectly hides a racerback bra so I don’t have to wear two layers of tanks.  


The next layer is one of two things…a plaid shirt or one of our FarmHer 3/4 shirts….sometimes both depending on the weather.  The 3/4 shirts go perfectly over a tank…again they are flattering without being too tight in the middle.  I have been wearing the same one of these shirts for three years now and can guarantee that they wash well and wear well, time and time again. 


Now for my plaid shirts!  It’s a collection of love I have been building for many years.  One of my very favorites is a thick chambray type cotton shirt that I got years ago on a clearance rack.  It’s a comfortable go to that I love wearing when the weather is cooler.  It’s actually a men’s small which makes it a little roomier in the arms but I like that if I am layering.  If I could go back in time I would buy 5 of them…..good luck finding one of these!

A newer one that you see in this episode and in the picture below is from, where else, American Eagle!   While they don't have this exact fabric anymore, they do still sell the fit (The Boyfriend Fit), which is most important.  The blue and white one is a super soft favorite that again, washes well and doesn’t need much extra care to look good.  

One of my very favorite shirts that you saw in episode 1 is my lightweight chambray button up.  It is actually from Old Navy YEARS ago.  It is a nice thin layer of chambray that I can wear even in the hottest of temperatures to keep the sun off my skin.  It is a loose fit and has straps on the sleeves to keep them rolled up and out of the way.  The only thing wrong with this shirt is that it is wearing out!  Every time I wear it I am afraid it is going to be the last…so I’ve been on the hunt slowly but surely for something just like it.  If you find one, let me know! 


I love boots. I love them so much I take pictures of them on other people.  I have two go-to pairs of boots.  These are staples in my everyday wardrobe and that again is why they make it on the show.  

First up is my beloved pair of Frye Melissa boots in Cognac Vintage leather.  About 6 years ago I started eyeing Frye boots.  I would see them online and had an idea of what I wanted, but they weren’t available at any of our local retailers and with the hefty price tag I wanted to try them on so wasn’t up for buying online.  On a trip to NYC I found myself in the Frye store there….or maybe I should just call it heaven.  I would have bought 10 pairs if I could have afforded it but one was all that the stars held.  One pair went home with me.  They are scuffed, worn, have been resoled (and need it again) have carried me from speaking engagements to farms across the country and held up every step of the way.  They are an investment, but in my mind a good one.  

The next pair you see me wear a lot are my Teva De La Vina waterproof hikers.  These were another clearance find at the end of the season (see a pattern here?), and these little boots are awesome!  They are waterproof, wash off easily, can carry you into an office when paired with a blazer or into a farm field.  The best part about these boots is I could walk for hours around a farm (or Target…) or stand all day in them at a convention and my feet never get tired.  My only regret about these boots is I wish I would have bought two pairs when they were on clearance so I have a backup when I wear these out!  


I wish I could tell you where I got my belt from.  All I can say is it is a hand me down from my mom.  Something she didn’t use anymore so I ended up with it.  I have had it for years.  It is a Bass brand belt, the perfect middle shade of brown to go with most anything, and most importantly, wide enough to stay put and hold my pants up!  When I am photographing I am up and down a lot to take pictures and I usually have a microphone receiver in my back pocket, along with a camera lens cap and usually my phone.  So, I need a solid belt to help my pants stay up!

So, there is a list of some of my favorite pieces that I wear regularly on the show and in my everyday life. In response, I would love to hear about some of your go-to’s, favorite pieces or best bets you have found!

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