• Season 3 | Episode 22 | Venise and Belinda | Some Simple Goodness

April 30, 2019

Sometimes serendipity takes over and in the case of the Simple Goodness sisters, it was in full force.  Our filming trip to Washington was all planned out. In sharing about it on social media shortly before we left I noticed a post from @simplegoodness telling someone I know that they wished FarmHer would come to Washington…so I followed up on it.  I sent them a message and it turns out that their farm was right on our path from one farm to another….we had to make time to stop! So we did and what a fun day it was! Despite the fact that Venise had just had a baby, literally a few days earlier, and her sister Belinda was as busy as all get out, they stopped to show me what they are all about.  I arrived at the small farm Venise shares with her husband near Buckley, Washington in the early afternoon. The sisters, with their littles in tow were ready to work! 

They loaded up the kids and wagons with plants that needed to be transplanted from the greenhouse out into the small field. I followed and photographed as they worked, patiently showing their young children what to do, and letting them get their hands dirty.  They also harvested some sage, which was ready to be picked and was the ingredient they needed for another part of their plan. The sisters explained that the love of farming came from their grandmother. Venise and her husband bought the farm and have been growing food for the past 5 years there on the land.

The plan changed a little when Belinda decided to take a leap of faith and start her own mobile cocktail business - The Happy Camper Cocktail Company.  She renovated a vintage camper into a mobile bar and travels to events all over the area creating “garden to glass” cocktails. When she found it difficult to source some of the ingredients she needed for the growing business, Venise answered the call and started growing herbs to fill the menu of her sisters business.  

Following the work with the kids, we headed over to the apple trees on the farm (I mean, it is Washington, so apples seemed like a must!).  We picked a few bags of apples and the sisters showed me how to run them through the cider press to make fresh apple cider - it was delicious!  Our last stop for the day was at the Happy Camper, to enjoy a garden-fresh cocktail. My drink did not disappoint, and boasted the wonderful flavors of the farm.  

Venise and Belinda have something very cool going on.  Working with family, teaching kids the beauty of the outdoors, and bringing a bit of the farm to the world in an unexpected but delightful way.  My simple afternoon was full of goodness on a Washington farm!

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