• Season 4 | Episode 10 | Shelly and Macey | The Story of Oregon Straw

November 04, 2019 1 Comment

Sometimes people just stick with you..a memory of meeting them, really liking them and thanks to social media it feels like you’ve become friends.  A number of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Shelly Boshart Davis and Macey Wessels at an agriculture event in Chicago. So, I knew when we were headed to Oregon for FarmHer I knew I had to connect with them again.  The stars aligned and I was able to spend a few hours with these busy FarmHers and see behind the scenes of their grass-filled world. Since I had first met them, quite a bit had changed….and that quite a bit is they took the plunge and purchased a trucking company from Shelly’s parents. 

Shelly had been working at the company for years and was ready for the leap. Today they run Boshart Trucking, coordinating a fleet of over 30 trucks that are constantly moving around the Pacific Northwest, moving straw, and other commodities. On top of it, when we were there, Shelly was running for a State House seat…and since then has won it and has added that to her impressive resume!  

Arriving at the “office” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but knew I was in good hands when I was greeted by Shelly’s wide smile and warm welcome.  She spent a few minutes telling me about the business and then we were off to take a look around and do a little work. As we walked in and out of the massive structures holding what seemed to be gigantic square bales of straw I was in awe. 

She explained that Oregon grows most of the grass seed for the country and after that is cut, they are left with lots and lots and LOTS of straw. This is where the FarmHers come in! They work with farms to cut the straw and bale it in the field.  They then bring it into their pressing facility where we were and run it through a series of machines that condense it down to make it suitable for shipping.

From there they sell and coordinate the logistics for it to not only go to farms all around the Pacific Northwest, but across the ocean to Japan, Korea and more.  As Shelly worked her way around the facility it was easy to see that she had a lot going on…and just then Macey arrived. Shelly was off and running to deal with some other things so I then spent some time with Macey, learning about the trucks and the logistics they use to efficiently and effectively move trucks and the goods they carry. 

The trucking connected to agriculture was a whole new world for me…and one made even cooler because it is run by women.  Two women who started as friends with a bond over farming that led them to jump in feet first as business owners. I love to see FarmHers living out their dreams and Shelly and Macey are doing just that!

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November 13, 2019

we would love to view the whole clip of episode 10. when they talk about driver habits and fuel economy and hard breaking. our drivers need to watch this.

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