• Season 4 | Episode 13 | Be Bold and Grow!

November 25, 2019 1 Comment

While I didn’t think it was possible, my team and I have run at FarmHer harder and faster than ever before this year.  We have run with arms wide open at all of the ways to connect with our audience; from over 15 events across the country, 25 new television episodes and over 50 radio shows and podcasts, all with a goal of telling the stories of FarmHers further and wider than ever.  Part of the way through the year (and what felt like all of the way through my time, energy and ability) it became clear that we needed to open up our arms a little less wide and refocus a bit. So, I made the decision to put more focus on the stories we tell, which is where we are rooted, and less on our events as we head into 2020.  November brought our 20th and final Grow event with a sold-out crowd of 400 young women in Iowa. 

The discussion on stage throughout the day all centered around confidence.  Where we get it, how we build it and what we can do to keep it. Through this theme we talked about putting courage over comfort and building our confidence. To cap off the event I assembled a panel of some of the brightest women I know. 

Women who I look up to for being courageous, smart and strong each and every day in their own FarmHer journey.  Women who are carrying on legacies, working for an industry they believe in, and chasing their dreams.  Women who have built and continue to put effort into their confidence.  I knew this panel would be inspiring and empowering and I didn’t want to stop at sharing it with the 400 women in the room so we recorded a two-part episode of FarmHer for RFD-TV live in front of the entire audience!  Don’t miss part 1 of Be Bold and Grow as we jump neck deep into the topic of confidence!

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November 26, 2019


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