• Sherri Reece | Season 2 | Episode 14

March 26, 2018

Just a few short years ago, FarmHer Sherri Reece wasn’t a FarmHer, in fact, she didn’t even live in the country.  Today, this Tennessee FarmHer is happily raising goats and living the country life. Sherri Cook grew up in town and spent most of her career working as a bookkeeper for the construction company she ran with her husband, Charles.  When the opportunity to purchase their dream land came up, the couple jumped. This wasn’t just any piece of land, but one with a rich Tennessee history, dating back to President Andrew Jackson. It also so happened to be just over the hill from the farm that Wayne was raised on.  

Soon after they bought the land, they built their home, complete with a big, beautiful southern wrap-around porch. After Sherri and Wayne moved out to the farm, Sherri started taking lessons from being a FarmHer from her mother-in-law, Miss Ruth. Ruth had raised goats most of her life and handed down the tradition of Kiko goat production to Sherri.  She started with just a few and today, just a few years later, the herd has grown and is nationally recognized for the bloodlines that they produce.

My visit to the Dean Hill Kikos Farm started on a typically hot southern summer day in July.  I caught up with Sherri as she left the house to go to the neighboring farm. While there we met up with her team of veterinarians who happen to be women as well.  The women drew some blood samples from a goat that was getting ready to go to market and went through a host of other physical checks as Sherri explained how important it is to her to ensure the animals in her care are healthy.  Next up Sherri checked on her goat herd and the Askahbha dogs that she raises to watch over her herd. After giving the dogs a scoop of food each and feeding a few of the bottle baby goats that she still has, we went into the kitchen to check on the canning.  Sherri also has a love of living off the land and on this particular day was getting ready to can some peaches that were ready and waiting.

From there it was back outside with her niece Kayla to grab some more feed for another group of goats back closer to the house.  Kayla also fired up her grandpa’s tractor which still plays an important role on the farm. She drove it down the road to spread some manure on a pasture that the family was getting ready to plant to corn.  Then we headed back up to the house to finish up the day feeding more goats, checking hooves and collecting eggs from the chickens Sherri keeps.

After spending the day with this unexpected FarmHer I was reminded that sometimes, life’s unplanned adventures can bring the most pleasure.  This FarmHer not only welcomed that unexpected path, but embraced it and ran with it, carrying on a legacy that will surely continue on this slice of Tennesee country paradise for generations to come.

Thank you to the Sherri for allowing FarmHer to visit your farm. FarmHer will air on RFD-TV this Friday at 9:30 pm ET/8:30 pm CT with a encore on Sunday.

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