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February 11, 2019 1 Comment

Helping you grow as a young woman in agriculture is important to FarmHer!  One of the ways we do this is by creating meaningful connections, inspiring through stories and providing relevant educational opportunities at Grow events all around the country.  These day long events are full of inspiring keynote speakers, in-depth panel discussion and informative breakout sessions, all relating to young women as they grow their future in agriculture.  In addition, most events have a Connection Point where attendees have the opportunity to connect with successful ag industry organizations and leaders. We highly encourage young women to use that time to make meaningful connections, which can help them grow as leaders in the industry going forward.  With that said, we get that it can be pretty tough to “network” as a young woman so we’ve pulled together a few FarmHer tips for successful networking at a Grow by FarmHer event, or in any situation you might find yourself in!

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Tip #1 | Face your Fear

A lack of confidence can be one of the biggest setbacks in life. The key to being a successful networker is to take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are awesome, and go for it.


Tip #2 | Find a Friend

Two is better than one, right? If you love to network and meet people, bring someone with you who might need a little push. If networking is not your strong suit, find someone who can show you the ropes.


Tip #3 | Start With a Compliment

Receiving a compliment is a great feeling. Is the woman standing next to you wearing an eye-catching statement necklace? Tell her! Did the keynote speaker give an outstanding message? Let her know! You might be surprised by how significant these seemingly small steps are.


Tip #4 | Follow Up

Remember that relationships are key. Once you have business cards or contact information in hand, reach back out and continue the conversation to ensure the person becomes a part of your network.


Tip #5 | Dress for Success

Your first impression can make or break a future relationship so remember to keep it classy!  At the Grow events, we ask all attendees to dress as business casual. When in doubt, a pair of dress pants that aren’t wrinkly will always do!  Then, throw a blazer on over a clean shirt of a complimentary color and you are set!


Tip #6 | Be Memorable

Regardless of what your title or role is, get a few professional looking business cards printed.  Not sure how to do that - maybe ask a friend who likes to design things for a little help! Regardless of how fancy the card is, when presented with a smile and an air of confidence, the connection is sure to be made!

Click here to find and get registered for an upcoming Grow event near you, today!  

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Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan

March 28, 2020

I love to love to live and live to love to grow my farm each every day. Watching Farmher inspires me to push forward.

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