• Shining Bright E28 | Soil Sisters: Lisa Kivrist + Kriss Marion

June 06, 2018

On this episode of Shining Bright, we're going to have some Wisconsin fun! Marji talks with a few FarmHers that she has met on the road, who have done things their way and are winning. We’ll meet Lisa Kivrist and Kriss Marion, both farmers, entrepreneurs, political activists, and all around fun people.

Kriss Marion

" I am a tiny farmer with a huge love for rural places. I moved from the big city 13 years ago and started a market farm, a wool business, a bnb and whole lot of trouble since finding my home in Blancharville, WI, pop 824."

Lisa Kivirist

A national advocate for women in sustainable agriculture, Lisa Kivirist is an author and writes on food, travel, sustainability and women’s issues for a range of publications. A leading champion for cottage food entrepreneurs, Kivirist served as a plaintiff in the successful lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin that declared the ban on the sale of home baked goods unconstitutional. For over twenty years, she and her family have run Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B in Wisconsin, completely powered by the wind and sun.

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