• Stephanie Steele | Season 2 | Episode 7 | Sutton’s Sweet Corn

October 23, 2017

Stephanie Steele is a FarmHer of many talents.  She balances being a wife, mom, sweet corn FarmHer and professional in the ag industry working at Ag Connections, helping customers with their land management software.

When I arrived at the farm where Stephanie lives with her husband Wes and daughter Sutton, it was a whole new experience driving through the tobacco fields leading up to the house.  The farm has been in her husband’s family for five generations and today they still grow many of the same crops, including cured tobacco.  I had arrived just after the family was done with the sweet corn harvest.  They started their business in which they sell direct to the consumer a few years back as a fun project to earn money for their daughter Sutton’s college fund.  Although Sutton is just a tiny thing, and the inspiration behind their small business on the farm, she plays a role in their operation.  Whether the family is picking sweet corn together, selling it at market together, or just shucking it for their evening meal, she is the reason why they work so hard.  

After Sutton finished up showing me how to shuck some corn, we headed out to look at the beans and tobacco, also raised on the farm.  We ended the tour with a look inside one of the tobacco barns.  Being from the Midwest I haven’t ever experienced being inside one of these structures where the tobacco is cured after harvest.  

From the farm we followed Stepanie into town, and then back out to her daily job at Ag Connections.  The company is an ag-focused technology business that is actually situated in a few old renovated tobacco curing barns.  There, Stephanie works daily in a customer support role, working with farmers and FarmHers who call in to get help with Land.db, a software program for farm management.  As I watched with my camera I got a behind the scenes look at this hard-working young woman as she worked in a very important role, helping farmers and FarmHers better manage their farming businesses.  

As the day wrapped to a close, I found myself being amazed at yet another FarmHer.  A young woman who is a farm wife, farm mom, ag professional and a FarmHer, herself.  A young woman juggling many roles in an effort to create a bright future for her family, her farm and herself.  

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