• Shining Bright E30 | The FarmHerd Dairy Month Special

June 20, 2018

This episode kicks off Dairy Month! Marji gathers up a few friends to talk about building a community, running a business and ICE CREAM!

Growing up in rural Iowa, Stacey Noe developed a deep appreciation for agricultural, community and hard work. With a fulltime marketing job in the animal nutrition industry and a busy home life with her husband and 4 children, why not open a business on the side?!?! Together with her husband Dan and her twin sister Sara and her brother-in-law Jeremy, Stacey opened Double Dipped Ice Cream and Coffee Shop in the spring of 2017. Located in Huxley, IA the small ice cream and coffee shop caterers to the local community serving up some of the tastiest treats in central Iowa.

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That discover turned into a passion project, then catapulted into a business where she harvests sea salt from water collected out of Bull’s Bay in South Carolina. A few times a week she hooks up her truck to the trailer with huge tanks and drives the five smiles out to Bulls Bay.  There she hooks up her pump and hoses and gets to work collecting the water.

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A Focus on Wellness and Safety

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Female farmers are hustling superwomen in every season and most especially, during harvest season.   As caregivers and nurturers, we also assume the role of “the unofficial safety officers of our farms”.  Read on to join AgriSafe in focusing on farm safety.

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With the day nearly done, the family gathered up outside where I was in for one more treat…quite possibly my favorite, a small show.  From the tiniest ones to the eldest, everyone played their instruments, bursting with pride. Emma’s sweet voice and rhythmic fiddle rose above the rest...

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