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December 07, 2017

I love the holidays.  I love that it brings together family and friends that I don’t get to see often enough.  I love that we get to enjoy gathering and parties and of course, with that, great food!  AND I really love to give presents.  In my family, we want to impress on our kids to value the times we spend together so we love for our gifts to be centered around trips or other experiences that we can do together.   

This year we found a great last minute deal on a cruise through Costco Travel and decided to take the plunge.  I travel and work quite a bit so taking some time to reset with my family is not only needed for them but very much for me.  Also, an unfortunate side-effect of being “FarmHer” is that to really shut off and relax I need to physically go out to the middle of the ocean where I CANNOT use my phone.  So, we spent the first big part of the holidays, Thanksgiving, enjoying each other where the air is salty.  I would always suggest checking Costco if you are going to take a vacation because they not only offer great pricing and service but booking a trip usually comes with some Costco Cash to help buy the Cheerios and coffee once you have to re-enter real life.



Because we choose to spend most of our money on the memories, when it comes to Christmas we give just one or two gifts each and I focus on giving useful and practical yet fun gifts…and this year, here are a few things on my list.


1. For my kids - Yes, I am the mom that basically stops buying much in the fall in anticipation of it showing up under the tree on Christmas.  Think PJs and socks as basic staples.  I also love to get them a new electric toothbrush because it is fun for them and isn’t what we use the entire year.  This year their gifts are going to center around a 2018 goal of mine which is to get outside more and stare at a screen less.  

For my son, it’s his first big kid bike.  In our house, that means the first bike we get that’s not a beginner, crash it as much as you want, hand-me-down. We are going to give him a John Deere 20" bicycle that will be a guaranteed hit as green is his absolute favorite color!  As a bonus, FarmHer has a John Deere 20" bicycle to give away to one lucky reader, compliments of John Deere!  Like and share the Facebook post to enter for your chance to win!  As a mom, I really hope this fun new outdoor toy will make him get outside more when Spring arrives.  Ok…let’s be real, maybe it will soften the blow when mom kicks them outside to go play instead of becoming better friends with the iPad. Another great item that John Deere offers for those of you who have younger kids to think about is this great wagon with side wood stakes!

2) For my husband - It’s another useful and functional item (FarmIT…if you are reading this, STOP now please), a keyboard case for his iPad.  You probably don’t know that aside from working hard at a real job (you know, one that pays him and all) during the day, my husband helps out FarmHer with all things technical in his spare time.  That is why he is the FarmITThe case that I am getting him, the Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case, not only is reported to be durable and sturdy but will allow him to easily type so he doesn’t have to lug his laptop everywhere and can keep working on FarmHer stuff!!
3) For me - Taking care of myself doesn’t always hit as high on the list as it should because my family and FarmHer usually are more demanding!  That said, another goal of mine in 2018 is to remember to take care of me.  One thing that has really hit home over the past year is that I am most definitely not going to get any younger.  My skin won’t get younger, my teeth won’t get younger, my heart won’t get younger, none of it will go back so it is time to take better care of my SELF than I have for the past few years.  A few years ago, during one of my annual skin checks that I get because melanoma runs on both sides of my family and unfortunately I worshiped the sun a bit too much when I was younger, the doctor found a spot that looked problematic.  She removed it and it came back, not once but twice.  The third time she had to go deep, making what was a teeny little spot into a four-inch scar on my shoulder blade.  If I could impress one thing onto young women about their bodies, it would be to wear sunscreen because being pale will ALWAYS be prettier than a four-inch scar, not to mention safer for your body.  So, this year, I am treating myself to loads of sunscreen and I am going to wear it, ALWAYS!  This one from Neutrogena is my favorite because it covers both UVA and UVB but really doesn’t feel greasy. It’s waterproof and I can put it on with moisturizer before I put on any makeup and I forget it is there! 
4) Don’t forget the pup - My dog seems to be good at eating any of the kids toys that accidentally get left on the ground, or a scrap of food that falls to the floor accidentally but she tends to be finicky about dog treats.  Finicky as in she wants nothing to do with milk bones and won’t eat, but would rather dig a hole and hide all rawhide chews…what a weirdo!  When we were filming a few weeks ago in Georgia for an upcoming Season 2 episode I brought home a back of Farmers Delight pet treats from White Oak Pastures.  They are a farm that raises loads of pasture-based livestock and poultry and in their effort to be zero waste, came up with the idea to make their own pet treats out of as much of the “waste” as possible.  It turns out that my picky puppy not only loves but really, really loves their Farmers Delight treats  In their words, these are the byproducts of processing that might not be ok to sell individually, so they bag them up as a tasty farm treat for the “customers who just want to eat the chew instead of wasting time to look at it.”

Remember that tops on my list are creating memories with the ones you love because tomorrow is not a promise.  While you are making those memories, don’t forget to snap just enough pictures to fill up a photo book from Shutterfly and make sure that goes under the tree as well.  I promise that you and your family will look back on that treasure for years to come.  

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