• Top 6 FarmHer Moments in 2016

December 28, 2016

For a start up company, every year is a big year. 2016 was no different for FarmHer! Through the lens of her camera, FarmHer founder, Marji, continued to make a big impact for women in agriculture this year in many new and unique ways. Here are FarmHer’s top six moments of 2016. 


6. Carly joins FarmHer full-time

FarmHer’s team expanded by one more person in August with the addition of Carly Cummings as the Events and Merchandise Manager. She has been a huge asset to the company ever since. Her enthusiasm and passion for women, agriculture, and fashion are seen at the events and in the FarmHer Market.


5. FarmHer got a really, REALLY big trailer

Thanks to our new partnership with RFD-TV (see #1), the FarmHer team now tours the country in style with a 36 foot traveling billboard! The trailer, covered with images of FarmHers, is making its way to events around the country.


4. Marji updated her camera

Thousands and thousands of photos later, Marji’s trusty 8-year-old camera needed a break, meaning a new one joined the FarmHer team. What does this mean exactly? Higher quality photos from the talented lady behind the camera.  Get ready for some amazing shots from inside the barns!


3. The FarmHer Market is born

The FarmHer apparel line has been helping women proudly wear clothing that shows who they are and what they love. With the expansion of the line into what we now call the “FarmHer Market,” there are much more options to choose from! Missing out? Shopping is available all year long on the FarmHer website. 

2. Grow by FarmHer becomes a nationwide event

Grow by FarmHer first hit Iowa in the fall of 2015 as a way to inform and inspire young women in agriculture through the FarmHer message. With the expansion to four states this year, over 1,000 young women will have attended Grow by FarmHer by the end of the 2016-17 school year! The events in Iowa and Nebraska have been fun and successful in reaching and engaging future FarmHers. Stay tuned for a follow up on our Oklahoma and Pennsylvania events. An announcement about the 2017-18 Grow plan coming soon! (Think: campus tour)


1. RFD-TV launches the FarmHer TV show

The FarmHer TV show, in partnership with RFD-TV has taken FarmHer to new heights and invited hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the country to join in the FarmHer journey. Viewers can tune in weekly on RFD-TV to meet the amazing women that Marji captures on her camera. Look for the next half of the first season to begin airing in March with 13 new episodes. Season two premieres Fall 2017! Don’t have RFD-TV? Watch online here.


As you can see, 2016 has been a blessed year for FarmHer. We look forward to doing it all again and more in 2017. It is with your passion and support that we are able to bring you FarmHer. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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