• Shining Bright E29 | Duo Cast on Branding

June 14, 2018

Get ready for the discussion with Marji and Lexi about branding...and not the type you do to your cattle! They’ll walk you through their top 10 tips for building a solid brand for your business. This conversation includes everything from mistakes made, decisions done correctly, and how FarmHer has been built.

A brand is beyond something that labels your cattle, it’s something that defines you. Branding is a hot topic in today’s world and it sparks the question, ‘what is your brand?’
Recently Marji and Lexi discussed branding for FarmHer and shared everything from mistakes made, decisions done correctly, and how FarmHer was built. To get the full story, listen to the podcast or read the tips below. Spoiler alert: a new brand announcement was made at the end of the podcast! Get excited.
1. Decide on your business
The business doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure you have some sort of a plan. Plans can change but as long as you have a direction, you’ll be more successful.


2. Set up social pages and a website
Social media is a great way to reach people and a website makes you real. We firmly suggest securing those pages as quickly as possible!


3. Watch the money, honey!
Starting a business has some investment, make sure you’re prepared. Budgets are always a good idea.


4. Build a good team
It doesn’t have to be employees right off the bat but look at your weaknesses and consult with the professionals. A lawyer and an accountant are two people FarmHer recruited right away.


5. Work to your strengths and outsource what you can’t do.
See above.


6. Continue the innovation
Thinking outside the box and being creative is what made you an entrepreneur in the first place, don’t forget it!


7. Stay consistent in everything
The power of your brand is knowing what makes you, you. Then keep it consistent! Strive to keep your brand polished and reliable.


8. Grow your network
If you listen to the podcast, this is a hot topic. The world is small and your connections make it smaller, never forget the power of networking.


9. Learn to say no, but be selective about when you do
FarmHer has been a series of not saying no and looking for opportunities. From events to a television show, the brand keeps growing because opportunities are presented and taken.


10. Figure it out and go for it...just go for it.
You got it!
Be sure to share your tips below and keep being awesome, FarmHer!  

Marji Guyler-Alaniz

After working in corporate agriculture for eleven years, Marji started FarmHer in 2013 to begin to shine a light on women in agriculture through photography. When she is not answering phone calls, at a photoshoot, filming the next television episode, or managing all aspects of FarmHer, she can be found in her home state of Iowa hanging out with her husband and two kids.


Lexi Marek

A sixth generation FarmHer and an Iowa native, Lexi was the first ever FarmHer summer intern in 2015. She never left the FarmHer team and eventually made the transition to a full-time employee. Lexi leads the efforts of telling the stories of women in agriculture through various media outlets and can sometimes be heard as a co-host of the 'Shining Bright' show.

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