• Tori Streitmatter | Season 2 | Episode 22| A FarmHer Rooted In Ag

May 07, 2018 1 Comment

On an early spring visit to central Illinois, I had the pleasure of visiting the Streitmatter farm.  While I was hoping to be there for the early season planting, unfortunately, I arrived with some very unwelcome wintery weather.  While the wind was howling and snow was blowing outside Tori quickly ushered me inside the warm farmhouse kitchen to meet the rest of her beloved family.  

Tori grew up in that farmhouse, spending her days outside playing with her sister and brother, following her dad to the field. Spending that time with her dad cemented a love of agriculture within the young FarmHer. From 4-H projects with her grandma to livestock projects with her family, Tori spent her days and nights, surrounded by the love of family and farm. She went to college and today works in HR recruiting for Growmark, an agricultural cooperative. Through her job she is able to connect others to careers in agriculture while she stays firmly rooted in the industry herself. When the farmwork calls, Tori comes home to help, telling me that is where she feels the most alive.  

In 2017 Tori entered Syngenta’s Thrive #RootedInAg contest by describing the person who most nourished her agricultural roots. In writing the essay, Tori chose her father, Dave, writing "My father is who I credit for fueling my fire for agriculture. He was my biggest motivator throughout my 4-H and FFA days. He taught me how to work hard without expecting anything in return, live simply, stay humble, respect everyone's ideas, give back to my community, problem solve, stand up for what I believe in, and ALWAYS hold my farm family close to my heart."

Even though the wind was blowing, keeping them out of the fields for planting, the family still made the most of the day, visiting over Grandma’s pie in the kitchen.  I then headed out with Tori and her dad Dave to get an overview of the farm that the family has built throughout seven generations. After a quick stop to check on the cows we drove between the field sections, piecing together the Streitmatter past, present, and future through the patchwork of fields.  

As I listened to Tori and her dad talk about the family history, it was easy to see their strong bond and that this farm family is not just a family in name but in spirit.  Everything they do is for the family and the farm, building a legacy for their future and ensuring their ag heritage stays strong and true.

Thank you to the Streitmatter family for allowing FarmHer to visit. Episodes will air Friday and Sunday at 9:30 pm ET on RFD-TV. Watch more video clips on YouTube here

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Tricia Melzer-Swaydrak
Tricia Melzer-Swaydrak

August 30, 2018

Tori, I think your recipe leaves out the step "beat egg whites " before folding in?

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