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FarmHER TV host Kirbe Schnoor and Dairy FarmHER Annaliese Wegner from Season Six.

Dairy Month Spotlight: Let’s Chat with FarmHER Annaliese Wegner

June is a special month because it gives us a chance to celebrate the hardworking members of the agricultural community in the dairy sector. We reached out to Annaliese Wegner, one of the FarmHERs we visited recently on Season Six for her perspective on the importance of National Dairy Month.

Here’s what she had to say:

FarmHER annaliese wegner of wegnerlann dairy bottle feeding a calf.
Annaliese Wegner leads her twins, Lane and Sage, in chores around their dairy farm.

What do you find most rewarding about being a dairy farmer?

Dairy farming is more than a job…it’s a lifestyle. I grew up on my family’s fifth-generation dairy farm. I had the opportunity to farm with not only my parents and my grandparents, but all my great-grandparents, which I think not a lot of people can say It’s a life I love and enjoy, and hope to pass down to my children, just as my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did. we were on the farm every day, all day. 

If my great grandma saw what I was doing now [on social media], she’d be like, “What on earth?” But I hope I’m making them proud by continuing to live this legacy, share it with others, and produce dairy products for families. 

What are the biggest challenges?

Unpredictability. There are different challenges on the farm each day — from broken equipment and sick animals to unfavorable milk prices.

Why is being a part of the dairy industry meaningful to you?

I think it’s so cool that what I do every day produces a product that ends up on a family’s dinner table. I take pride in that.

Annaliese and her daughter, Sage, taking care of chores on their family’s dairy.

What is something you would like people to know about dairy farming / the dairy industry?

That no matter how big or small a farm is, it is run by farm families, like mine, who care. What I tell people is that “happy cows make milk,” and if we don’t care for our animals and provide them with adequate feed and care and a place to lay down a temperature-controlled barn, they’re not going to make milk. They’re not going to be happy. So all these misconceptions where animals might be abused, or were not properly taken care of — they just don’t even make sense because if that was the case, we wouldn’t be making milk and we wouldn’t be making money. 

I think kind of the biggest thing is realizing how big that gap is and how much [people outside the industry] don’t understand, and how maybe it’s quick and easy for them to blame a farmer. But when you take the time to calmly and nicely have a conversation with them, they’re willing to learn. 

What does Dairy Month mean to you?

It’s a fun time to celebrate dairy cattle and the farm families who raise them!

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