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Dairy Month Spotlight: Let’s Chat with Emily Schaapman a.k.a. @DairyGirlFitness!

Emily is the owner and CEO of Dairy Girl Fitness, a 1-1 fitness and nutrition coaching program that’s customized and individually tailored to help each of their clients reach their personal fitness goals on her terms. Emily currently resides in Florida, but she grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. That’s where she first developed her passion for the dairy industry. She also hosts a great podcast called Cow Girl Talk!

Emily ensures Everybody Eats well by giving consumers opportunities to connect with where their food comes from — as well as empowering members of her online community to prioritize their health through fitness and food choices.

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5 Questions on National Dairy Month with Emily from Dairy Girl Fitness

1. What do you find most rewarding about being a dairy farmer?

One of the most rewarding parts of dairy farming is having the opportunity to directly help with FEEDING THE WORLD! I mean, how cool is that?! The dairy industry has tremendously shaped me into the woman I am today. It taught me the value of hard work, the importance of caring for animals and the land, and how to be willing to step out of my comfort zone and be confident in my abilities.

2. What are the biggest challenges? 

For the challenges, of course, dealing with Mother Nature, milk prices, and labor can always be difficult. Managing the public perception of dairy farming is an area that I think we need to continue to be aware of as well — and continue giving consumers opportunities to see what modern dairy farming looks like. If we don’t share our stories and answer questions from consumers, someone else will (and most likely in a negative way!) 

3. Why is being a part of the dairy industry meaningful to you?

I think, growing up directly involved in agriculture, I often didn’t realize how lucky I was to see, firsthand, how our food is produced. And when you get older, you realize that it’s an EXTREMELY small portion of the population who produces food for everyone to eat. With that comes an opportunity, and I think responsibility, to share what we know about food production with those who may never have the chance to learn about it otherwise! It’s one of the main reasons I started Dairy Girl Fitness – to help more people feel confident about the food they’re consuming and where it’s coming from. 

4. What is something you would like people to know about dairy farming / the dairy industry? 

One thing that I always like to bring up is reminding consumers that farmers are also consumers! Which means that they care about producing a safe and healthy product, caring for their animals, and properly managing land because farmers and their families are consuming the same products and living on the same land. Healthy land and cows lead to happy farmers! 

5. What does Dairy Month mean to you? 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DAIRY MONTH! It’s a time when we get to celebrate and showcase all of the hard work, collaboration, research, technology, and passion that goes into producing the EXTREMELY nutritious dairy products you see in stores. While we can do that year-round, I love that it provides even more opportunities to talk about the nutritional benefits and versatility of dairy products. AND! For farmers to share their stories and connect with consumers through social media and different events. 

Get to Know Emily from Dairy Girl Fitness

1. What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? (Or favorite food, in general.) 

These kinds of questions are always so hard for me! As it’s summertime, I’m eating a lot of watermelon and strawberries right now.

2. What is your favorite recipe? (If possible, please share it with us in the Additional Comments section at the end of this document!)

One of my favorite and most viral recipes is my Garlic Ranch Sirloin Tips in the crockpot.

@dairygirlfitness If y’all make any of my recipes, let it be this one ???????????? #dairygirlfitness #dairygirlstrong #womenshealth #highprotein #highproteinmeals #crockpotrecipes #mealprepideas ♬ original sound – Emily Schaapman

3. You’re making chili: Beans or NO beans?

Beans all the way baby! It makes it more filling and adds more fiber!

4. What is your favorite holiday? Do you associate any family traditions related to it you’d like to share?

Christmas! I love all holidays, but growing up, my siblings and I have all moved and don’t get to see each other as much. Christmas is that one holiday that we all come home for and really get to celebrate together.

5. What’s your favorite book (or) movie (or) record (or) podcast?

I feel like I have to plug my Cow Girl Talk podcast here! But aside from that, I have been on a huge fantasy romance book kick for the past year. I love ALL Sarah J. Maas books, especially her “Throne of Glass” series and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series.

6. What are three items/products you can’t live without?

A high-quality vitamin C serum, my phone (unfortunately it’s the name of the game at this point!), and a cute pair of white sneakers.

7. Who is a person you admire from history, living or dead?

I’m not sure if she’s in the history books yet, but I absolutely love Sara Blakely (the founder of Spanx)! She continuously uplifts other women in business, is gritty but kind, is refreshingly honest about being a mom and business honor, and is so tenacious when it comes to her goals.

8. Who is a person you admire in your personal life?

Of course, my parents! But also, having siblings is my favorite thing in the entire world. I love knowing that I always have a team in my corner and watching them go after their goals always inspires me.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from. If someone is trying to bring you down, they’re already below you 🙂

10. If a genie granted you one wish/superpower, what would you choose?

I don’t know if this is considered a superpower, but I always tell myself that if I could be the best at anything/have tremendous skill in it, I would love to be able to sing (and sound good!!)

11. What’s something at the top of your Bucket List?

I tell myself I want to go skydiving, but actually doing it sounds exciting AND terrifying.

12. What is your best quality or hidden talent?

I love to make women feel included wherever I go 🙂

13. What is your #1 pet peeve?

People who never take responsibility for their actions, and fall into the victim mentality.

14. What is something new you are currently learning (or) want to learn more about?

I started playing pickleball this month — AND OH MY GOSH, it is so much fun!

15. Where is the most amazing place you’ve ever traveled?

This is a hard one, but we went to Greece on our honeymoon last year and I would go back in A HEARTBEAT!

16. What is your guilty pleasure? (It can be anything!)

Sleeping in!!! People who say they naturally wake up early? Couldn’t be me

17. When something good happens, who is the first person you think to call?

My husband, Ruben 🙂

18. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you’d buy with the winnings?

A beach house big enough for both of our families to visit and vacation with us!

19. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I think Lili Reinhart is adorable, honest, and funny, and would be honored to have her portray me. I’ve also been told MANY times that I look like a young Amanda Bynes.

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