New Episodes of FarmHER and RanchHER Now Airing on RFD-TV!


FarmHer on RFD-TV is Sponsored by Bayer, Claas, Cavender's and Cinch.
FarmHER on RFD-TV is Sponsored by Bayer, CLAAS, Cavender’s, and Cinch.

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FarmHer, Inc. (parent company to FarmHER and RanchHER) is proud to announce the selection of Kirbe Schnoor and Janie Johnson as its new television hosts for the brands’ two network shows returning to primetime on RFD-TV in 2024. Kirbe Schnoor will take the lead as the TV host for FarmHER. Janie Johnson will run point as the TV host for RanchHER.

“With Kirbe and Janie as the new hosts for FarmHER and RanchHER, I have great confidence in the stories we are going to be able to share about women in agriculture, who I believe are the true backbone of America,” said Raquel Gottsch Koehler, Owner & CEO of FarmHer, Inc.

What You Can Expect in 2024

There are six common themes you will see throughout both FarmHER & RanchHER this next season:

Real Women: Heartfelt, authentic stories of women doing meaningful work that connect with FarmHers, RanchHers, and consumers alike.

A Love of the Land: FarmHers and RanchHers from all walks of life, parts of the land, and types of farms and ranches are connected through a love of the land. This love will shine in our stories.

Family Runs Deep: Whether a woman is a FarmHer or RanchHer, family is the root of all they do. Our stories connect all parts of a family, as told through the lens of the FarmHer and RanchHer.

Community Focus: FarmHers and RanchHers have a deep care for the community. Experience the relationship through her story.

Feed The People: All food starts at the farm or ranch. Through FarmHer and RanchHer, discover the how and why behind the food on the dinner plate.

Encourage and Inspire: FarmHer and RanchHer stories uplift, motivate, and fill our cups. These are the stories of courage, determination, and spirit.

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