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HitchPin: The Online Marketplace Making My Dream A Reality

Recently, my family and I found our new home on an acreage. With the extra land, we knew we wanted to do something unique that put my FarmHer skills to the test. I’ve dreamt of creating a pollinator habitat and now my dream is becoming a reality. However, the land we are planning to use needs some work. At first, Tony and I struggled with what to do. Do we buy expensive equipment we will hardly use? How do we run that equipment? The list continued to grow. Luckily, we discovered HitchPin! is a safe online marketplace for farmers and ranchers looking to buy and/or sell services, goods, and equipment.

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Tree Removal With HitchPin Marketplace

Our first to-do for our pollinator habitat is tree removal. is the perfect place to find listings in my area for tree removal or post a buyers ad. I started my research on and found some key benefits to the marketplace:

  1. Hire and provide services faster
  2. Get paid quickly
  3. More customers, sellers, and options
  4. Made for farmers by farmers

No Worry Payment Process with an Escrow Account

If you’ve used an online marketplace before, you know one of the scariest parts of the process is payment on either end of the deal. Will I get paid? Do I pay them before the service? What if they don’t show up? These were worries that popped into my head when starting the process.

I was relieved to find takes care of that for me in an escrow account. As a buyer, I put the money into my account, where it sits safely until the service is complete. Then, removes the funds out of my escrow account. Not only does it protect buyers, but sellers too.

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Mobile or Desktop? HitchPin Offers Both!

After research on the company and payment options, I was ready to dive in to find the perfect person for my tree removal project. is user-friendly and has both a mobile app and an online website for desktop options. The choice is yours!

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I chose to use the app. And the searching began! You can see what listings are available on a map based on your area or in a list view. You can also decide if you would like to view all listings in your area or narrow in your search criteria to find exactly what you are looking for.

Buyers Ad Creation

After a little digging, I realized the tree removal listings I found were too far away from my home to hire. With, that’s no problem! I simply created a buyer listing instead., again, made this super easy. They even had a tree clearing section!

I explained my situation and needs for service in the post and with a quick click, boom! My buyer ad was live on HitchPin’s marketplace.

Peace of Mind For Farmers Online

From start to finish, was flawless in platform usability, browsing listings in my area, posting a buyer listing, and explaining the escrow payment process. I’m excited to chat with farmers and FarmHers in my area about tree removal and start my next big project! Stay tuned for updates on both.

And check out yourself for your next project on the farm or to promote your services by browsing their website or following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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