About FarmHer

It all started with a dream and a camera.
In 2013, Marji Guyler-Alaniz had just left her job in corporate agriculture and started a photo project titled FarmHer, capturing women working on the farm. She wasn't the only one interested in updating the image of agriculture and others began to follow the movement.
FarmHer quickly grew into a place where stories are shared and women are not only recognized but feel a sense of inspiration and community. Today the business consists of various entities, all shining a light on women in agriculture.

Meet the Team

Marji Guyler-Alaniz

President + Founder

After working in corporate agriculture for eleven years, Marji started FarmHer in 2013 to begin to shine a light on women in agriculture through photography. When she is not answering phone calls, at a photoshoot, filming the next television episode, or managing all aspects of FarmHer, she can be found in her home state of Iowa hanging out with her husband and two kids.

Carly Cummings  

Events + Merchandise Manager

Carly's love for agriculture, coupled with her desire to empower women to share their stories and follow their dreams, drew her to the FarmHer team. Her role allows her to put together events for women across the country and helps you look your best while sporting merchandise that speaks of your passion.

Jen Fagan

Events Coordinator

Jen’s passion for community and her love of family, food and farm are what led her to the FarmHer family. Under her Grandmother’s watchful eye, she learned the craft of gardening, raising chickens and the details that go into entertaining. It’s in those lessons that she cultivated her love for events and her desire to spark a light of passion in each person she works with. When not on the road with FarmHer she enjoys spending time with her husband and four kids.

Erin Leifker

Sales + Relationship Representative

Erin is a connector of people, fueled by a determination to make great things happen.   Her role centers around building relationships and creating opportunities between FarmHer and other organizations.
Erin is the proud 5th generation on her family’s Century Farm in south-central Wisconsin and thrives on volunteering in her community, spending time with her family and cheering her kids on in all sorts of activities!


Women have a desire to connect with each other and FarmHer makes that possible. Our events are held across the United States and are designed for every woman in agriculture.


FarmHer is proud to offer women a vast array of apparel, accessories, and goods to represent their everyday lifestyle.


Each week a new epsiode of FarmHer airs on RFD-TV, visiting a farm and digging into the roots of the lives of a FarmHer and her family.


Finding platforms to share stories is a priority for FarmHer. Join listeners and tune into SiriusXM radio or download the podcast for the latest interviews.