Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.0_10-24-16


Why does my login for the FarmHer online community not work in the online store?

The FarmHer online community and the FarmHer store are two separate systems that each require a separate login.  They are both operated by FarmHer but you will need to set up a sign in and password for each one (please note you can use an identical username and password for each system).  Additionally, if you ordered merchandise in the store prior to August 3, 2015, you will need to set up a new username and password to order merchandise from the online store.  This new username and password can be the same as the one used prior to August 3, 2015.


How much does it cost to become a member of the FarmHer online community?

Nothing!  Zero!  Zilch! Nada!  We invite any interested and applicable individual to join the FarmHer online community at no cost to the individual.  This membership gives the user access to the online community groups, events, friends and forums.  At a later date premium functionality may be added that will be available at a cost.  Businesses interested in joining either as a vendor, or to register a group can contact us at to receive a quote on group membership.  


Can I join the FarmHer online community if I am not a woman in agriculture?

While this community has been built specifically for women in agriculture to connect and network, we do welcome men and people outside of agriculture.  We simply ask that content remains relevant.  We monitor member’s use of the forums and community’s to make sure that members are posting relevant and positive content.  If at any time, any member violates the Terms of Service their membership will be revoked.


My membership request was not approved…why?

We review each membership request and approve it based on relevancy.  If we feel that a user is joining for a malicious or unauthorized use of the community we reserve the right to deny any member request.  If you feel your membership request was wrongly denied please contact us at


How can I join a FarmHer Online Community Group?

You can request to join any group, but please remember that some groups have been set up with certain privacy and members may be restricted.  To search groups to join, click on the More > Groups link in the main header on your home page OR locate the Groups menu on the left side of your home page.  Search through the available groups and make a request to join any that you find of interest.  If you don’t see a Group to join, start your own and invite other FarmHer online community members to join!


Can I create a profile or group for my business on the FarmHer Online Community?

Users are free to create profiles that are applicable to them whether for personal or business use.  Please note that if you are looking to advertise or place any sort of notifications that are considered Vendor or Advertiser type of posts, you will be asked to either discontinue the posts or you will have the option to join as a Vendor.  Please see the entire Terms of Service here for more information on what is or isn’t allowed.


What does FarmHer do with my information such as name, address, birthdate, etc?

We use the information you share with us to understand our audience and continue to create information and content that is relevant and useful.  We do promise not to ever share your information with a third party.  If you have opted into receiving emails we may, from time to time, allow a Vendor to send information to our members through our system.  The Vendor will never be given your information.  Please see our entire Privacy Policy for all of the details on what we do with your information and how we keep it safe.


How can I sign up to have FarmHer take pictures of me or someone I know?

If you are interested in signing up to potentially be a FarmHer photography subject, please complete our nomination form, here.