2017 I am FarmHer Conference Presentations

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I am FarmHer

Marji Guyler-Alaniz, FarmHer Inc.

FarmHer was founded in 2013 to shine a light on women in agriculture and update the image of our industry. Marji will share the journey of FarmHer to set the stage for your experience as a part of I am FarmHer.  


Our Political Reality

Amanda De Jong - Senior Policy Advisor, Iowa Corn Growers Association

Gain a better understanding of how the new U.S. administration will impact you and the agricultural industry.


Agriculture U

Marji Guyler-Alaniz - Founder + President, FarmHer, Inc. 

New to the agriculture industry or have a desire to build your confidence in a male-dominated industry? We will provide you with tools and resources to successfully navigate the industry.


Lead Simply

Holly Hoffman - CBS Survivor Finalist and South Dakota RanchHer

Leadership can often be conveyed as a complex skill, but it doesn't have to be. Holly Hoffman, RanchHer, and finalist on CBS' Survivor, will walk you through a few simple steps to becoming a better leader.


Leaving a Legacy 

Dee Dee Chadwick - Senior Director, Nationwide

Whether you will be carrying on a farm's legacy or developing a plan to leave it to your loved ones, our experts will give you the tools to successfully make a plan to do so.


Developing & Marketing Brand YOU - Workshop

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Whether you’re a farmer prospecting new land to rent, selling show stock, marketing fresh produce or a FarmHer working as an agribusiness professional, your personal brand influences success. Much like business mission statements, Personal Brands communicate values, shape reputation and create a vision for the future. In this workshop we’ll walk through the steps to developing and effectively marketing Brand YOU both on and offline. 


'Meet Your New Boss' Panel

Featuring: Cristen Clark, Food & Swine Iowa;

Kristin Porter, Iowa Girl Eats;

Jennifer Darling, Editor-in-Chief of Allrecipes magazine

Consumers, specifically Millennials, are becoming an important piece to the food system's puzzle. They are actively taking over the Baby Boomer's reigns as BOSS in the food trends market. Meredith Corporations's Food Editors, along with a food blogger, will take us through their research that they have done in trying to understand how this new consumer affects us as farmers, producers, and agribusiness professionals


Recognizing and Communicating YOUR Value as a Leader 

Danielle McCormick, K.Coe Isom 

Whether you lead projects, tasks, or people, understanding and communicating your value to others is a critical skill for every woman regardless of your profession. In this engaging workshop, participants will learn: 1) How to recognize the value of their role, 2) How to communicate their value to others, and 3) Foundational leadership traits to make a more significant impact on your organization.


FarmHer, Exclusively on RFD-TV

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April Shaeffer, North Carolina;

Jennie Smith, Iowa;

Crystal Blin, Iowa