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Join the FarmHer journey as host Marji Guyler-Alaniz travels the country to tell the stories of the women who grow food, raise animals and care for the land.



FarmHer Season 1 Recap

Host Marji Guyler-Alaniz travels the country, capturing beautiful images and stories of women in agriculture.

Episode 24 | Beth Tucker + Dottie Pyrtle

Meet two women who are friends, neighbors and FarmHers in small-town North Carolina.

Episode 21 | Ashley Bandoni + Leanne Sutter

From almonds in California to pigs in Iowa, these FarmHers love what they do.

Episode 18 | Women of Acuron

Three FarmHers work together at a leading company to create new products that impact the world.

Episode 15 | Meredith Bernard + Beth Rylander

These ladies are crafty. Photography and quilting goes well with farming.

Episode 12 | Mary Dell-Chilton + Crystal Blin

From a legendary scientist and the power of lipstick, these ladies are awesome.

Episode 9 | Karen Archipley + Elin Parker Ganschow

These ladies are paving unique paths, one with hydroponics and the other with beef.

Episode 6 | National FFA Officer Team

For the first time in history, the National FFA Officer Team is made up of five women.

Episode 3 | Barbara Mazurek

At 80-years young, this FarmHer story is about determination, survival, and passion based in Texas.

Episode 23 | Emily & Lisa Zweber + Jenny Mennega

From an organic family dairy to crops and cattle, these FarmHers do it for family.

Episode 20 | Kate Johnson + Amy Heitland

These FarmHers are educators, one with the art of cheese and the other with the art of horse riding.

Episode 17 | Kirsten Vold + Leah Gibson

Visit Kirsten, a modern cowgirl with a tradition in agriculture while Leah followed her passion to farming.

Episode 14 | Lexi Marek

This young FarmHer is a big part of the FarmHer journey and we capture her achieving her dreams.

Episode 11 | Cristen Clark

From pigs to pies, it's all in a days work for this FarmHer. Getting ready for harvest is a family affair at the Clark's.

Episode 8 | Shannon Latham

This FarmHer has created an enchanted experience based in Northeast Iowa and FarmHer visits in time for Halloween.

Episode 5 | Ponsi Trivisvavet + Jane Lavene

These women feed the world. One from a corporate office and the other from an alpaca farm.

Episode 2 | Lyna Knight + Jen Welch

Meet professionals turned blueberry FarmHers and then visit a food truck that raises food on one crowded acre.

Episode 22 | Rene Hopkins + Amber Greiman

Visit a desert urban farm oasis then to the sheep show at the Iowa State Fair.

Episode 19 | Stacy Whitener + Jennifer Berdoll

This Texas pecan grove includes growing and eating delicious treats.

Episode 16 | Jennie Smith

This FarmHer balances life on the farm growing tomatoes and working in the corporate world.

Episode 13 | April Shaeffer

From idea to reality, April has developed a program that helps women in the cattle business.

Episode 10 | April Hemmes + Krystina Cook

From harvest time in Iowa to raising pigs in California, you'll see passion and family compassion in this episode.

Episode 7 | Heidi Sloan

Meet Heidi, a FarmHer on a mission driven by compassion and has sparked changed in Texas.

Episode 4 | Carol Ann Sayle + Renee Strickland

FarmHer visits the oldest urban farm and then learn exports and playing polo.

Episode 1 | Pam Lunn + Shayla McCullers

Visit two Florida FarmHers, one with an urban goat dairy and one working a cattle drive with her family.

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