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Join the FarmHer journey as host Marji Guyler-Alaniz travels the country to tell the stories of the women who grow food, raise animals and care for the land.

Season 2 of the FarmHer TV Show

Episode 21 | Best of Season 2

From wine in California to oysters in Maine and a little basketball lesson in between, FarmHer continues to be an amazing journey.

Episode 20 | Tori Streitmatter + Ashley Rouse

Ashley and Tori share stories of why the future of agricutlure is bright across the country.

Episode 19 | Shelby Watson-Hampton 

Meet two ladies, aunt and niece., who revitalized their family farm in Maryland, adding a winery and wedding venue to their farm.

Episode 18 | Joanna Fogg

Joanna Fogg wanted to work on the water where she grew up, so she created an oysten farm in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Episode 17 | Earth Day Special

Discuss how three FarmHers reacted to how farm was affecting by natural disasters across the country.

Episode 16 | Jenni Tilton-Flood + Jan Jones

Take a trip to Maine's largest dairy to meet Jenni and then, 5th generation FarmHer Jan Jones shares her passion for peanuts.

Episode 15 | Deb Hoyt + Charlene Glover 

Deb lifts spirits at her rescue and therapy farm while Charlene is changing the food options in her community.

Episode 14 | Sherri Reece + Callie Akins

Sherri is a bookkeeper turned FarmHer and Callie followed a similar path but is now back on the farm.

Episode 13 | Annette + Nicole

Throwback Brewery has a unique operation and FarmHer follows from field to fork and glass.

Episode 12 | Erin Williams

Visit the land of cranberries and meet Erin, who splits her time between fruit and livestock.

Episode 11 | Wanda Shanks

Wanda is a basketball star and master beef producer. This 84-year-old FarmHer shows off her cattle and basketball skills.

Episode 10 | Melissa Eshelman + Sue McCrum

These ladies work on their family farms, one with potatoes and one with livestock.

Episode 9 | Kimberley Lambert + Tracey Hawkins

From fresh milk at a Jersey cow dairy to a vineyard in the mountains.

Episode 8 | Andrea Merritt + Erin Mahoney

Meet a FarmHer growing community through food and then explore a gypsy tradition at a Florida horse farm.

Episode 7 | Shanen Ebersole + Stephanie Steele

On this episode, visit a cattle ranch/horse refuge and a sweet corn business.

Episode 6 | Kaitlyn Elliott + Laurie Cook

One FarmHer is bringing back her family tradition of sorghum syrup and then to a whitetail deer farm.

Episode 5 | Debby Zygielbaum

Travel with FarmHer to California wine country to meet a one-of-a-kind dirt FarmHer and sheep wrangler.

Episode 4 | Iris Wall + Marissa Schletzbaum

First, go to a Florida paradise with Miss Iris and then visit Marissa and her greenhouse in Iowa.

Episode 3 | Heather Dineen

Meet the Dineen’s at the Yellow Farm House, which brings lessons, joy, and a few sweet treats.

Episode 2 | Megan Brown

Meet Megan, a RanchHer that brings with a lively spirit to relationships, ranching, cooking and her animals.

Episode 1 | Catherine Manterola

Visit a Texas ranch where the family shares their way of life with other “Grrls” in meat processing.

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