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From the rolling hills in Northern California to the swamplands in Southern Florida, join the FarmHer journey each week as we share the stories of women working the land. Host Marji Guyler-Alaniz visits women who are involved in every aspect of agriculture.
These ladies milk the cows, create the community garden, and plow the land. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners. They are determined to care for their family and care for the community. Each farm is different but the heart of each FarmHer is the same.

Season 2 of the FarmHer TV Show

Episode 21 | Best of Season 2

From wine in California to oysters in Maine and a little basketball lesson in between, FarmHer continues to be an amazing journey.

Episode 20 | Tori Streitmatter + Ashley Rouse

Ashley and Tori share stories of why the future of agricutlure is bright across the country.

Episode 19 | Shelby Watson-Hampton 

Meet two ladies, aunt and niece., who revitalized their family farm in Maryland, adding a winery and wedding venue to their farm.

Episode 18 | Joanna Fogg

Joanna Fogg wanted to work on the water where she grew up, so she created an oysten farm in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Episode 17 | Earth Day Special

Discuss how three FarmHers reacted to how farm was affecting by natural disasters across the country.

Episode 16 | Jenni Tilton-Flood + Jan Jones

Take a trip to Maine's largest dairy to meet Jenni and then, 5th generation FarmHer Jan Jones shares her passion for peanuts.

Episode 15 | Deb Hoyt + Charlene Glover 

Deb lifts spirits at her rescue and therapy farm while Charlene is changing the food options in her community.

Episode 14 | Sherri Reece + Callie Akins

Sherri is a bookkeeper turned FarmHer and Callie followed a similar path but is now back on the farm.

Episode 13 | Annette + Nicole

Throwback Brewery has a unique operation and FarmHer follows from field to fork and glass.

Episode 12 | Erin Williams

Visit the land of cranberries and meet Erin, who splits her time between fruit and livestock.

Episode 11 | Wanda Shanks

Wanda is a basketball star and master beef producer. This 84-year-old FarmHer shows off her cattle and basketball skills.

Episode 10 | Melissa Eshelman + Sue McCrum

These ladies work on their family farms, one with potatoes and one with livestock.

Episode 9 | Kimberley Lambert + Tracey Hawkins

From fresh milk at a Jersey cow dairy to a vineyard in the mountains.

Episode 8 | Andrea Merritt + Erin Mahoney

Meet a FarmHer growing community through food and then explore a gypsy tradition at a Florida horse farm.

Episode 7 | Shanen Ebersole + Stephanie Steele

On this episode, visit a cattle ranch/horse refuge and a sweet corn business.

Episode 6 | Kaitlyn Elliott + Laurie Cook

One FarmHer is bringing back her family tradition of sorghum syrup and then to a whitetail deer farm.

Episode 5 | Debby Zygielbaum

Travel with FarmHer to California wine country to meet a one-of-a-kind dirt FarmHer and sheep wrangler.

Episode 4 | Iris Wall + Marissa Schletzbaum

First, go to a Florida paradise with Miss Iris and then visit Marissa and her greenhouse in Iowa.

Episode 3 | Heather Dineen

Meet the Dineen’s at the Yellow Farm House, which brings lessons, joy, and a few sweet treats.

Episode 2 | Megan Brown

Meet Megan, a RanchHer that brings with a lively spirit to relationships, ranching, cooking and her animals.

Episode 1 | Catherine Manterola

Visit a Texas ranch where the family shares their way of life with other “Grrls” in meat processing.

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