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Join the FarmHer journey as host Marji Guyler-Alaniz travels the country to tell the stories of the women who grow food, raise animals and care for the land.

Season 3 of the FarmHer TV Show

Episode 24 | Carey Portell

She thought she wouldn’t walk again, now she’s ranching with all her might. The car crash that changed a life.

Episode 23 | Anya Irons

An orphan from Russia grows up to be an Illinois FarmHer. Follow the journey of Anya Irons.

Episode 22 | Christine May

Celery or cilantro, meet a FarmHer who knows her crops. Plus, create cocktails from garden to glass in Washington.

Episode 21 | Where Are They Now Special

When the FarmHer cameras leave, the story is far from over. Find out where they are now in this special episode.

Episode 20 | Taylen and Sharon + Krista Tavares

Two FarmHers find a way after losing someone they love. Then, see the diversity of crops in California’s Central Valley.

Episode 19 | Brenda Frketich

When dust settles on Brenda Frketich’s farm, there are piles of hazelnuts. Take in this year’s harvest in Oregon.

Episode 17-18 | Soil Sisters

Become a FarmHer with help from the Soil Sisters. It’s a workshop weekend in this 2-part Wisconsin highlight. (1/2)

Episode 16 | Jessica Riel

Your favorite beer probably features hops from Yakima Valley. FarmHer Jessica Riel reveals how it goes from vine to tap.

Episode 15 | Dana Frey

This southern Cajun tour is sure to make you crave some crawfish. Dana Frey takes FarmHer from pond to plate in Louisiana.

Episode 14 | Amy & Beth Marcoot

Visit Illinois' Marcoot Jersey Creamery where the robots make milking easier and a helicopter pilot crafts Artisan cheeses.

Episode 13 | Mary Kay Thatcher-Brenda Watts

A fifth generation Iowa farmer navigates politics, advocating for agriculture in Washington D.C. Then, fly high with an aerial applicator and meet the FarmHer who runs this sky-based business in Arkansas.

Episode 12 | Rachael Taylor Tuller

They don't milk peacocks at Lost Peacock Creamery, but they do milk goats. Meet a young family finding success in crafting wonderful cheeses and hosting events, like goat yoga.

Episode 11 | Gale Ferranto + Laura Daniels

Delve into a dark warehouse to see how mushrooms are grown in Pennsylvania. Then, meet the founder of the Dairy Girl Network in one of the top dairy states in the U.S.

Episode 10 | Jamie Harden

An experienced FarmHer takes host Marji Guyler-Alaniz into the horse ring to show her the tricks of the trade. Meet the mother of a former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

Episode 09 | Jennifer Jame + Ruth Hambleton

FarmHer visits the number one rice producing state complete with a tour from a 4th generation grower. Then, meet the founder of a top women's ag program: Annie's Project.

Episode 08 | Walter B. Saul High School

It's one of only three agricultural high schools in the U.S. and it's located in the heart of the city. Head back to school to meet the future of farming.

Episode 07 | Jenni Harris + Jodi Benoit

This farm family runs the town of Bluffton, Georgia bringing jobs, products and tourism to the community. Meet the ladies behind the innovation at White Oak Pastures.

Episode 06 | Angel Forbes-Simmons

Go from fur to fabulous in Aquasco, Maryland. FarmHer Angel Forbes-Simmons introduces us to her colorful collection of fabric while sharing the stories of her ancestors.

Episode 05 | Mental Health in Agriculture

FarmHer recognizes Mental Health Awareness Week with an in-studio episode. Host Marji Guyler-Alaniz discusses mental health in agriculture with special guests.

Episode 04 | Casey Cox

Georgia is home to one of the most ecologically rich river systems in the Southeast. Meet FarmHer Casey Cox and learn about her mission to preserve and conserve.

Episode 03 | Katie Sistrunk + Kate Dallam

FarmHer heads to Bel Air, Maryland to meet a matriarch uplifting her next in line. Then, discover how sugar makes it from field to table with FarmHer Katie Sistrunk.

Episode 02 | Gloria Varney

A passion for good food and a desire to help others come together. Discover Gloria Varney's diversified farming operation on a trip to the Northeast.

Episode 01 | Amy Trout

The Budweiser Clydesdales are the envy of the equine world, but someone has to train them for greatness. Meet Amy Trout on Budweiser's Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri.

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