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Join the FarmHer journey as host Marji Guyler-Alaniz travels the country to tell the stories of the women who grow food, raise animals and care for the land.

Season 4 of the FarmHer TV Show

Episode 6 | Dunneback and Girls Farm

Get lost in a Michigan corn maze or pick your favorite fruit. It's all part of the fun at Dunneback and Girls.

Episode 5 | Amanda Freund

This dairy makes something better for your plants & the planet. Meet the inventors of CowPots.

Episode 4 | Annie Dee

Annie Dee is a no-till innovator. Head to her southern farm, focused on sustainability.

Episode 3 | Katrina Capasso

A wedding gift turns into a full blown herd of llamas. The unique start for New York’s Katrina Capasso.

Episode 2 | Teresa Smithmyer

Out of the sea and into the greenhouse. Harvest salt from the ocean with a South Carolina FarmHer.

Episode 1 | Emma Riley

Return to the good old days of horse-powered farming. A young FarmHer takes us back to her roots.

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