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RanchHer Panel at CattleCon 2024 in Orlando Florida. From left: Kirbe Schnoor, Macey Hurst, Brandi Buzzard, Quincy Atwood, and Janie Johnson.

Special Presentation on RFD-TV: RanchHER at CattleCon 2024

FarmHers and RanchHers share their journey to becoming strong leaders in agriculture. Janie Johnson and Kirbe Schnoor host from CattleCon 2024 in Orlando, Florida, featuring three remarkable women – Brandi Buzzard, Quincy Atwood, and Macey Hurst – who come from different backgrounds, but are united by their passion for agriculture. For more information, visit

Mon, 3/4/24 – 8 PM ET | 7 PM CT | 6 PM MT | 5 PM PT.
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In a showcase of resilience, innovation, and passion, FarmHer and RanchHer brought together cattlewomen from across the nation to celebrate the invaluable contributions of three special women in the industry at our joint panel, “Your Path to Becoming a RanchHER,” at NCBA CattleCon in Orlando, Florida on Feb. 2, 2024.

Attendees left CattleCon inspired and empowered, recognizing the pivotal role women play in driving progress and sustainability within the beef industry and agriculture as a whole. As the industry continues to evolve, events like the NCBA CattleCon serve as a platform for collaboration, education, and celebration of the diverse voices shaping the future of agriculture. We can’t wait to share it with you next Tuesday, March 4 when a special presentation of the event premieres on RFD-TV!

Here’s a little about each of our esteemed RanchHER panelists: Quincy Atwood, Brandi Buzzard, and Macey Hurst!

RanchHER Quincy Atwood Embraces Her Path Back Into Ag Insurance

RanchHer Quincy Atwood and her family.

Quincy’s story is a testament to the power of passion and family ties in shaping one’s career path. Hailing from a ranch in southwest Missouri, her upbringing was steeped in the agricultural way of life. Despite initially steering away from the “family business,” Quincy found herself drawn back to her roots after discovering her love for the insurance industry during a local internship in Texas.

Now, as the Operations lead at Specialty Risk Insurance in Carthage, Missouri, Quincy thrives on promoting and safeguarding the future of agriculture, a mission close to her heart. But Quincy’s adventures don’t stop there – she’s also a proud & dedicated mother of two adorable babies, Charleston & Autry, with her wonderful husband, Colt. And with baby number three on the way this July, her family is growing as vibrantly as her passion for agriculture!

When she’s not busy overseeing operations, Quincy finds solace on her family’s farm, where she tends to her cattle, nurtures her garden, and expands her menagerie of animals.

First-Generation RanchHer Brandi Buzzard is Raising the Next Generation!

brandi buzzard

Brandi is not just your ordinary cowgirl; she’s a passionate advocate for agriculture with over a decade of experience in sharing her love for the land and its stories. You may have seen her spreading awareness on major news networks like RFD-TV, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, The Weather Channel, and Newsy, addressing vital issues like conservation, beef sustainability, and nutrition.

But that’s not all – Brandi’s dedication has taken her all the way to the White House, where she engaged with senior officials on matters of agriculture and sustainability.

As a first-generation rancher, Brandi, along with her husband Hyatt and their lovely little RanchHERs, Oakley and Quincy, call southeast Kansas home. Together, they own and operate High Bar Cattle Company, specializing in Gelbvieh/Balancer seed stock. Over the past few years, their operation has grown to include stocker cattle management in the spring/summer seasons and a thriving direct-to-consumer freezer beef business!

RanchHER Macey Hurst Co-Runs Her Livestock Operation Like a “Lady”

macey hurst

Growing up on a cow-calf operation in mid-Missouri, Macey’s deep-rooted passion for land and livestock led her to pursue degrees in agricultural communications and agribusiness marketing at Missouri State University.

As co-founder of Lady Livestock Company with her mother and sister, Macey’s commitment to sustainability and quality shines through as they produce top-notch Angus calves while sharing the farm-to-fork story with customers, highlighting the invaluable role of women in agriculture.

From her early days at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association to her current role as an Account Executive at Modern Litho, Macey’s journey is marked by her unwavering dedication to the cattle industry’s growth and innovation.

With women like Brandi Buzzard, Quincy Atwood, and Macey Hurst leading the charge, the future of agriculture shines bright with promise and possibility. As CattleCon drew to a close, attendees of the RanchHER panel departed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to propel the industry forward, united in their commitment to agricultural excellence, and innovation, and helping uplift the next generation of RanchHERs. We can’t wait to share it with you next Tuesday, March 4 on RFD-TV!

RanchHER at CattleCon 2024: Special Presentation on RFD-TV
Mon, 3/4/24 – 8 PM ET | 7 PM CT | 6 PM MT | 5 PM PT.

Tune in to watch on RFD-TV, RFD-TV Now, or stream the program live on RanchHer’s Facebook and FarmHer’s Facebook!

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