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Cultivate Conversation Within Your Community and Beyond

From farm to fork, every agricultural-based business and/or product has a story to tell. But not just any story, your brand needs to create a relatable story that will cultivate conversation inside your community and beyond. By definition, a community is a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. FarmHer excels in taking one common interest and uniting others together over it through storytelling.

FarmHer has a unique offering of creative content that includes podcasts, long-form blog content, short-form social content, email newsletter features and ads, custom and stock photography, short-form and long-form social video, speaker appearances, and merchandise partnerships. All content created by FarmHer will be featured on the FarmHer website and social channels, in addition to sponsor channels. For more information about sponsored content, reach out to Erin at [email protected].

Woman tomato farmer holding a green tomato


Sponsored Podcasts are great ways to engage deeply with the FarmHers who love us most. These audio files are shared wherever podcasts can be heard, Sirius XM 147, social media, and in our email newsletters. Listen to our podcasts here.

Meredith Benard feeding a bottle calf

Long Form Content


FarmHer blogs are true and engaging stories that pull an emotional connection of fellowship resulting in conversation. They tend to compliment shorter form content or videos and are reshared over multiple years. Read Meredith’s blog as an example.

woman on john deere tractor

Short Form Content

(Social Posts)

FarmHer has an exceptionally engaged social following that makes over 500,000 digital touches per month. The average engagement rate for Facebook and Instagram posts run between 3-5%. Sponsoring social posts create engagement and interest around fast-moving content and compliment larger campaigns. Here is an example of engagement around a recent #FarmHerFirst campaign created by our team.

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Email News Features and Ads

With an email list of over 17,000, FarmHer drives sales, updates followers on new content, and reminds followers of past content. Sponsoring email newsletters is a great complement to short or long-form content and also can be an effective stand-alone way to connect with new audiences for your brand. Sign up here to receive our email newsletters!

Woman on red tractor in garden

Custom and Stock Photography

Do you love the look and feel of photos from FarmHer? Book Marji for a custom photography session or purchase stock photography from our vault of images. Marji’s images are known for evoking emotion and showing inclusivity and diversity. They are perfect for use in social media, magazines, and websites. See a portion of our stock photography here or see how another brand utilized our photography here.

White goat looking at camera

Short and Long Form Social Video

Marji and her crew have a knack for uncovering and videoing unique content that audiences crave. From heartwrenching to educational, video content created by partnerships with the FarmHer team has seen tremendous viewership. Here is an example of long-form video social content that was very successful in bringing awareness to a difficult topic.

Marji Alaniz peaking to a group of farm women.

Speaker Appearances

FarmHer can bring a wide range of speaking topics and programs to your event. With options ranging from tailored keynote talks to breakouts or an interactive exhibit of photographs, FarmHer can provide inspiration and enjoyment for audiences of all ages. Learn more about our speaker appearances here.

Courage is Contagious t-shirt

Merchandise Partnerships

FarmHer merch has a cult following of FarmHers young and old. Do you have a merch idea? Let’s create merch for your audience and ours! See our full line of products here.